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Graupner SOIL Micro Sail Yacht (h=435mm) - Ready To Sail (GR92301)
Graupner SOIL

The "SOIL" is a compact sailing yacht model controlled via 2 functions.
The model is suitable for small water with light wind.
Because of handy size, the model "SOIL" is very transport friendly and great choice as a gift or to take it with you to holidays.

Completely ready-to-sail compact yacht
2.4 GHz remote controler with frequency hopping system
Sailboat stand

In the package:
"SOIL" Sail Yacht Model
Remote controller (Radio Transmitter)
All batteries
Boat stand
Small parts
User manual

Completely ready to sail "SOIL" Micro Sail Yacht (RC - radio controlled sailboat) model is a perfect choice for a gift or due to its compact dimensions ideal model to take it with you to summer holidays and other vacation.

49.41€  Inc Tax
Joysway Bait Boat BAITING 500 V3 ARTR 2.4 GHZ (4ST3151V3)
Fully equipped boating boat for budget-minded fishermen suitable for charging particle, pellets, small diameter boilers, etc.

Bait Stack Capacity: 500 g
Driving time: approx. 1.5 hours
Control range approx. 200 m
Forward speed: 1 m/s
LED front and rear lights for night cruise
Low Battery LED Signaling LED
Enclosed propellers

Package contents:
Assembled boot model
2.4GHz RC kit
NiMH 4,8 V battery, 5000 mAh
AC charger
To start up, you need to buy 4 AA batteries for the transmitter.

Length [mm]: 535
Width [mm]: 240
Height [mm]: 140
Weight [g]: 1800

264.74€  Inc Tax
Bait Boat Baiting 2500 2,4GHz RTR with GPS (4ST3152)
Perfect in its simplicity
The Baiting 2500 is a 600mm radio controlled groundbait boat powered by two AC motors. The boat is powered by a LiFe cell with a capacity of 15600 mAh 6.4 V, thanks to which the boat can work for up to an hour when fully charged.

Use the radio to control
Baiting 2500 allows you to control the boat using a 2.4 GHz transmitter equipped with GPS functions. The transmitter enables precise feeding up to 500m. The bait container can hold up to 2500 g, which means you can attract more fish.

Length: 600 mm
Width: 315 mm
Height: 230 mm
Maximum weight: 6100 g
Own weight: 3600 g
Equipment range: <500 m
Maximum load weight: 2500 g
Max speed: 3 m/s

Joysway Baiting 2500
Radio system with a range of 500 m integrated with GPS functions
Boat bag
High-current fast AC charger
6.4V 15600mAh LiFe battery

599.63€  Inc Tax
Billing Boats Nordlandsbaaden 1:20 Display Model Boat 710mm (3BB0416)
Billing Boats Display Model Boat Nordlandsbaaden 1:20 (BB416)

This type of boat, from Northern Norway, dates from the 17th Century. As a fishing boat it saw its most popular days from the 18th Century until the appearance of engine-driven fishing boats. These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a shipping culture and form which originates from the days of the Vikings. The boats are still built today, and they compete in races and regattas along the Northern coasts.

The display model of this sailboat comes in a kit with all necessary accessories.

Scale: 1/20
Length: 710mm
Height: 710mm
Width: 160mm

154.94€  Inc Tax
Billing Boats U.S. Coast Guard 1:40 Display Model Boat 360mm (3BB1000)
Billing Boats Display Model Boat U.S. Coast Guard 1:40 (BB100)

This 44-foot Coast Guard is a very seaworthy lifeboat, designed to carry out search and rescue assignments in poor weather and water conditions. With a skilled and experienced crew, this vessel can carry out the most demanding of rescue operations. The vessel is self stabilizing. Built in 1961 at the Coast Guard shipyard in Curtis Bay, Maryland, USA.

The display model of this boat comes in a kit with all necessary accessories.

Scale: 1/40
Length: 360mm
Height: 240mm
Width: 110mm

46.36€  Inc Tax
Joysway Magic Cat V5 Micro Radio Controlled Speedboat Model (RTR / Readyset) 265mm (4ST308108)
Joysway Magic Cat V5 Micro Radio Controlled Speedboat Model RTR (ready to ride) 265mm

Hull Length: 220 mm
Total Length: 265 mm
Width: 72 mm
Weight: 170g (RTR)
Hull Material: ABS Injection molding with colorful painting decal stickers

Box content:
Magic Cat V5 Speedboat 265mm
2.4GHz 2-Ch digital proportional radio control system (transmitter)
Powerful water cooled 180 motor
5A electronic speed controller
9g waterproof rudder servo
6.4V 320mAh LiFePO4 battery pack
USB charger & USB DC adapter
9V dry batter (for transmitter)
ABS display boat stand

Required for operation:
All included - RTR (ready to run)

54.90€  Inc Tax
Kyosho Fortune 612 III - READYSET (KT-431S) (K.40042S)

Relax and enjoy sailing with a 2.4GHz R/C system.
Detailed scale finish and performance in a Readyset package.

The fascinating world of yachting is captured in all its glory in this compact 612mm long yacht created. Scale parts and pre-painted figures adorn the deck so this model can also take pride of place as an interior display. But it is more at home on the water where no compromise has been made in the full application of Kyosho's renowned yacht design skills. Sail shape and aspect ratio combine with the precision hull and keel design to generate efficient power through the water as the wind fills the sails for scale performance more than equal to full size yachts. The bright color-printed sails are created in PE material with optimal elasticity, durability and permeability to produce real racing yacht performance. A 2.4GHz R/C system provides interference-free control of the pre-assembled and pre-painted hull so you can start sailing almost as soon as you take it out of the box. Separate structure of the rudder and keel make transport easy and convenient. Discover the fascinating experience of yacht racing, made ready and real for you to enjoy with the FORTUNE 612II.

Chassis Technical Data

  • Length : 612mm
  • Width : 130mm
  • Height : 1135mm
  • Weight : 1050g
  • Sail Area : 21.85dm2
Required for operation
  • 8 x AA Batteries for transmitter
  • 4 x AA batteries (Alkaline) for receiver
218.38€  Inc Tax
Kyosho RC Surfer 4 - Electric READYSET (KT231P+) T1 Blue (K.40110T1B)

RC Surfer returns for everyone to enjoy again

Kyosho's 4th release of the RC Surfer that amazed the world with its innovative form and function rides the waves again. Reinforced stainless shaft rudder and male board rider figure add an extra reliability. Adopt 2 graphic designs for surfboards. Not just for R/C fans, real wave riders will also appreciate the function and form of the R/C Surfer. Buoyancy material inside the surfboard structure and hollow surfer figure with floatation function combines with the auto-recovery mechanism to make the R/C Surfer unsinkable. While the natural habitat of the R/C Surfer is the sea, its dynamic control response also functions well on the flat waters of lakes and rivers. Anticorrosion materials mean you can focus on surfing the R/C Surfer in any type of water. Simply install the surfer figure onto the factory-assembled surfboard and you are ready to ride the waves without assembly or adjustment as soon as you charge the battery with Delta Peak USB Charger. The R/C Surfer 4 captures the spirit and fun of surfing like never before.

*Redesigned color scheme by 2 graphic designed surfboards.
*Pre-assembled and adjusted Readyset.
*Waterproof board design incorporates unsinkable built-in float.
*Reinforced pre-painted figure with hollow structure also functions as a float. O-ring damper in the board join reduces damage from impact shocks.
*Newly designed stainless shaft rudder adapts to banking posture and also protects screw.
*24T 540-class motor installed with water-cooling jacket maintains performance over long drive times.
*Equipped with KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE KA060-91W 60A waterproof ESC that controls high 60A current.
*RC Surfer is an RC model propelled by a screw. Cannot be used to surf without electric power.
*Figure is not movable.
*Max speed or usage time can vary depending on usage conditions.

Kit Contents:

  • Pre-colored surf board installed with R/C system, complete with linkages
  • Complete pre-painted surfer figure
  • KT-231P 2.4GHz 2ch pistol grip type transmitter
  • 7.2V-2200mAh SCR NiMH battery
  • Ni-MH battery dedicated delta peak USB charger

Required for operation:

  • AA batteries x 4 for transmitter

Technical data:

  • Length : 660mm
  • Width : 160mm
  • Height : 325mm
  • Weight : 1,500g approx
  • Motor : 540-class G24 motor with water-cooling jacket
  • Screw : D31 x P1.4 (polycarbonate)
  • Charging Time 8 hours approx
  • 16km/h approx
  • Operation time 7 min approx
253.76€  Inc Tax
Kyosho JET STREAM 888VE - Electric READYSET (KT231P,KA120,91WC,TORX M4) (K.40232S2)

Experience the full force of 60km/h speed as soon as you open the box! Serious offshore racer features auto-recovery from capsize function.

Hit maximum speed of approximately 60km/h with 14.8V 4-cell Li-Po battery (sold separately). The high-performance EP Jet Stream 888VE Readyset features incremental changes and includes Kyosho’s highest specification transmitter, receiver and rudder servo combination. In the event of capsize; weight balance is changed by water entering the ballast room to right the hull to its normal posture and automatically drain out allowing the boat to continue running. This unsinkable design removes the risk and worry of losing your boat if it flips over. The high-precision CNC aluminum intake rudder with bracket and the high-durability metal adjustable flaps with excellent wave resistance are retained while the R/C system is upgraded to the KS4031-06W waterproof servo that removes any concerns from flooding and delivers superior response with the Syncro KT-231P transmitter with 130m range for wider control and reliability. The high torque outrunner type brushless motor combines with the waterproof KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 120A KA120-91WC water-cooled to provide a racing boat experience like no other.

  • Pre-colored FRP factory assembled hull reaches speeds of 60km/h.
  • Newly designed high-power KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 120A KA120-91WC water-cooled features cell auto-detect.
  • Pre-installed brushless outrunner water-cooled motor generates excellent torque characteristics.
  • Unsinkable self-righting structure.
  • Flip-up rudder design prevents damage if boat contacts an obstacle.
  • Equipped with combination turn fin and trim tab with adjustable angle.
  • Features stopper to prevent loss of shaft.
  • Includes drip proof rubber boots, aluminum servo mount, carbon nylon 3-blade propeller.

Technical datas:

Length: 900mm
Width: 187mm
Weight: 1780g (approx. installed 14.8V-1400mAh)
Motor:  KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX M4 Brushless water-cooled motor (battery 3-4 cell 11.1V-14.8V-3,600-4,000mAh Li-Po, *battery sold separately)
Screw: Carbon-reinforced nylon D40 x P1.4 (3-blade)
ESC: KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 120A KA120-91WC water-cooled
Servo: KS-4031-06W

Readyset Contents 

  • Pre-colored fully assembled hull
  • Syncro KT-200 transmitter
  • Water-cooled brushless motor
  • Water-cooled 80A ESC
  • Wire joint drive unit
  • Duralumin water intake rudder unit
  • Boat stand
  • Spare propeller
  • Pre-installed 2.4GHz Synchro KT-231P R/C system

Required for Operation

  • 3-4 cell 11.1V-14.8V-3,600-4,000mAh Li-Po battery (Super Plug specification/compatible size: L:138 x W:42 x H:33)
  • Charger for Li-Po battery
  • Batteries for transmitter
564.86€  Inc Tax
Kyosho HURRICANE 900VE - Electric READYSET (KT231P,KA120,91WC,TORX M6) (K.40235S)

Breathtaking high-speed performance realized in a Readyset!
Now everyone can enjoy the thrill of a C-1 class catamaran racing boat!

You won’t believe your eyes at this stunningly realistic recreation of a C-1 class catamaran. Built to an interior display standard, you cannot help but admire the sleek form and the high-quality finish. However, the HURRICANE 900VE is not known just for its scale appearance. Setting the benchmark for 900mm class electric racing boat performance, the precision-crafted pre-painted FRP hull is the embodiment of KYOSHO’s many years of R/C boat design know-how and incorporates the latest KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE water-cooled brushless motor and water-cooled ESC with maximum current of 120A. Combined with the precision angle of the wire drive, the hull accelerates from a standing start with minimal cavitation from the propeller to its planning posture in next to no time. Speed increases quickly after the lift from the initial acceleration as the characteristics of the low-profile catamaran hull design deliver high-speed performance across the water. Specifications of the Readyset produce enough speed and performance to compete without modification. However, with optional parts such as the metal propeller (BPMC440-3), top speed can reach up to 75km/h. Packaged as a Readyset puts this advanced design and pure racing boat features within easy reach for anyone. Fully assembled, the HURRICANE 900VE is pre-installed with the high-performance 2.4GHz Perfex KT-231P+ R/C system.

Add your own Li-Po battery and charger and the latest in topline EP racing boats is at your fingertips. The HURRICANE also makes a great step up from beginner EP racing boats too. Experience the power and performance of this high-end racing boat for yourself!

  • Factory assembled precision-built FRP hull is complete with coloring
  • Pre-installed KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 40x68mm large water-cooled brushless motor.
  • Pre-installed KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE 120A water-cooled, waterproof ESC.
  • Machine cut CNC aluminum drive brackets enable adjustment of running posture.
  • Equipped with high-torque rudder servo.
  • Includes drip-proof rubber boots, aluminum servo mount, carbon nylon 3-blade screw (with spare).

Technical data:

  • Length : 945mm 
  • Width : 230mm
  • Weight : 2350g
  • Motor : KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX M6 water-cooled brushless motor (40x68mm, KV1250) 
  • Battery : 2 x 3 cell 11.1V-3600-4000mAh LiPo battery (Super Plug specification, sold separately)
  • R/C System : Perfex KT-231P+ 
  • Propeller : D40×P1.4(3-blade)
  • ESC : KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE KA120-91WC 120A water-cooled, waterproof brushless ESC

Kit Contents:

  • Pre-colored fully assembled hull 
  • 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ Transmitter
  • Water-cooled brushless motor 
  • Water-cooled brushless ESC (120A)
  • Rudder Servo
  • Waterproof clear tape
  • Boat Stand 
  • Spare propeller

Required for operation: 

  • 22.2V 3600-4000mAh LiPo battery (Super Plug specification, 3-cell x 2 packs, one pack for each side)
  • (compatible size : L162 x W46 x H40mm or less)
  • Recommended : No.GAB2301 Gens ace LiPo4000 (45C/11.1V/soft pack)
  • Quick Charger for LiPo battery 
  • 4 x AA sized alkaline batteries for transmitter


661.24€  Inc Tax
Kyosho MAJESTY 600 - RC READYSET, Battery inc. (KT231P+) (K.40133B)

Enjoy the scale feel and sporty elegance of this
European-style electric cruiser

See the water spray as you cut through the surface at speed with the electric powered EP MAJESTY 600; the ultimate introduction to ultra-realistic scale radio control boating. With maximum speeds of 25 km/h, the vacuum molded ABS resin hull provides excellent stability and easy control for beginners as it glides over the water. Beginner-friendly features include: auto-righting hull structure that returns it upright in the event of capsize; flip-up rudder that kicks up if it contacts any obstacles; a waterproof radio box that protects valuable electronics from water, and other safety equipment. The finished hull requires no painting and decals are pre-applied to recreate this luxury European-style cruiser in a display-quality finish. However this factory-assembled Readyset is most at home on the water so just add 4 x AA size batteries (sold separately) for the included transmitter and charge the battery for the motor and get out on the water to experience the power and grace of the EP MAJESTY 600!

●Fully assembled Readyset realizes top quality at a great value price.
●W-stepped V bottom hull produces exceptional acceleration; glide, turning stability, and wave resistance.
●Foam floats inside the cabin provide auto recovery in the unlikely event of capsize.
●Flaps with independent left/right adjustment improve high-speed stability.
●Installed turn fin enhances turning stability.

Technical datas:

■Length 690mm (hull length 600mm)
■Width 178g
■Height 240mm
■Weight 1,300g approx.
■Motor Water-cooled G20
■Speed controller Waterproof KA060-91W    
■Transmitter Syncro KT-231P+
■Propeller D42 x P1.4
■Servo Waterproof KS4031-06W

Set Contents:

●Factory assembled hull with decals applied
●2.4GHz Syncro KT-213P + transmitter 2ch, 1-servo, 1 ESC R/C system installed
●7.2V 2200mAh NiMH battery
●USB charger
●Polystyrene boat stand
●Waterproof tape
●Hex wrench (1.5 & 2.5)
●Spanner (4.0 & 5.5)

Required for Operation:

●4 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter

248.88€  Inc Tax
Billing Boats Marie Jeanne 1:50 Display Model Boat 570mm (3BB5080)
Billing Boats Display Model Boat Marie Jeanne 1:50 (BB580)

This is a 'dundee' of 50-60 tons and equipped with many sails, making necessary a ballast of 20-25 tons and a 12-man crew.
The display model of this sailboat comes in a kit with all necessary accessories.

Scale: 1/50
Length: 570mm
Height: 500mm
Width: 130mm

99.43€  Inc Tax
Billing Boats St. Roch 1:72 Display Model Boat 470mm (3BB6005)
Billing Boats Display Model Boat St. Roch 1:72 (BB605)

In 1940, the St. Roch set out from Vancouver on a secret mission through the Northwest passage. On this voyage, the St. Roch combined its normal supply mission with a deliberate assertion of Canadian sovereignty over the Arctic. Due to heavy ice conditions, the ship spent two winters frozen in Arctic waters, finally reaching Halifax on October 11, 1942. The voyage claimed the life of one crew member. The St. Roch was the first ship to complete the voyage through the Northwest Passage from Pacific to Atlantic. In the summer of 1944, it became the first ship to traverse the Arctic in both directions when it crossed the Northwest Passage again, this time from Halifax to Vancouver. The St. Roch was built in 1928 by the Burrard Dry Dock Company in North Vancouver.

The display model of this boat comes in a kit with all necessary accessories.

Scale: 1/72
Length: 470mm
Height: 330mm
Width: 110mm

109.80€  Inc Tax
Billing Boats Lilla Dan 1:50 Display Model Boat 680mm (3BB5078)
Billing Boats Display Model Boat Lilla Dan 1:50 (BB578)

Lilla Dan was built in 1951 at the well-known shipyard in Svendborg, Denmark, by J. Ring Andersen, and constructed mainly of oak and beach. Lilla Dan is owned by the shipping company Lauritzen in Copenhagen and does duty today both as a training ship and for chartered tours.

The display model of this sailboat comes in a kit with all necessary accessories.

Scale: 1/50
Length: 680mm
Height: 490mm
Width: 120mm

154.33€  Inc Tax
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