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RF9 Flight Simulator with Spektrum Controller (FREE 9.5 Update) (RFL1100)
RealFlight® is the #1 RC flight simulator in the world! It's the absolute best tool new RC pilots can use when learning how to fly. It also makes it possible for experienced RC pilots to practice new maneuvers and to hone their skills so they can become even better pilots.
With more than 160 different aircraft to fly — including airplanes, helicopters, drones and more — at over 40 different flying sites, plus the ability to edit aircraft and sites, there's an almost infinite number of flying options available. Add in game-like challenges that make flight training fun, multiplayer options so you can fly and compete with other pilots online, compatibility with VR headsets, and many, many more features, and you have everything you need to succeed at the field — because you can "fly" on a PC at home, or on a laptop just about anywhere else!

RealFlight 9 adds more of the most popular aircraft from the Best Brands in RC, along with Eli Field and updated Virtual Flight Instructor lessons for new pilots learning to fly, to deliver an experience you simply can't find anywhere else. It's also comes with the new Spektrum® InterLink® DX simulator controller modeled after Spektrum transmitters including all standard switch locations and functions so it works just like your favorite radio.

RealFlight 9 includes more than a dozen new aircraft* from E-flite®, HobbyZone®, Hangar 9® and Blade®
HobbyZone® Carbon Cub S+ 1.3m with SAFE Plus Technology
E-flite Viper 70mm EDF with AS3X® and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Havoc Xe 80mm EDF with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Timber® X 1.2m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Extra 300 3D 1.3m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite® Apprentice® STS 1.5m with SAFE® Technology
E-flite EC-1500™ Twin 1.5m with AS3X and SAFE Select Technology
E-flite Delta Ray® One with SAFE® Technology
Hangar 9® CubCrafters XCub 60cc
Hangar 9 P-51D Mustang 20cc
Hangar 9 Valiant 10cc
Blade® 230 S V2 Helicopter with SAFE® Technology
And more!

*Please be sure to activate and update your RF9 online to receive the latest versions of these aircraft.

New RealFlight® 9 Features
More than a dozen new Horizon Hobby aircraft!
Updated Virtual Flight Instructor lessons for new pilots learning to fly
New Spektrum™ InterLink® DX controller (with controller version only)
Fly at the newest PhotoField™ – the iconic Eli Field

Additional RealFlight Features

Industry-leading True-To-Life™ physics that make every flight more lifelike than any other sim
A simple and intuitive interface for zero learning curve, zero hassle, and more fun
More than 160 aircraft including airplanes, helicopters, drones, and more
Over 40 different flying sites including 3D fields and PhotoFields
FlexiField™ Site Editor so you can make fields your own
The ability to edit aircraft and to import custom aircraft
Game-like challenges that make flight training fun and interactive
Multiplayer options so you can fly or compete with other pilots online
Compatible with VR headsets, including the Oculus™ Rift and HTC® Vive™ VR headsets (sold separately)
Works with Spektrum wireless simulator dongles for use with compatible DSM2/DSMX equipped transmitters (sold separately)
New Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller Features
Modeled after Spektrum transmitters including all standard switch locations and functions so it works just like your favorite radio
Patent-pending gimbal design with spring configuration switch for easy Mode 1, 2, 3 or 4 selection and operation
Exclusive Reset/Rewind button for replaying your best maneuvers or resetting after crashes
Easy and convenient control of most simulator functions right from the controller
Built-in sliders help drone pilots zero their cameras in for the best shots
15-channel capability for effortless control of all available functions
Prevents wear and tear on your field transmitter

What's in the Box?
(2) RealFlight 9 DVDs*
(1) Spektrum™ InterLink® DX Simulator Controller
(1) Realflight Installation Guide

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Gens ace Lipo Battery 2S 7.4V-5500-50C (Deans) (GE3-5500-2D)
  • Gens ace LiPo 2S pack 7.4V-5500-50C (Deans plug)
  • hard case
  • 139x47x25mm
  • 245g

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Blade Nano S2 - BNF (BLH1380)

The best micro RC collective pitch helicopter gets even better! Like the Nano CP S model before it, the Blade® Nano S2 heli lays a path to 3D aerobatic expertise that's paved for success — with new features, including a redeveloped stabilizing system, that make challenging maneuvers such as flips and inverted flight easy for pilots at all skill levels to master.
Blade developers first brought SAFE® stabilizing technology to the Nano heli platform with the Nano CP S. If pilots felt disoriented, all they needed to do was press the Panic Recovery button. SAFE technology immediately came to the rescue, locking the model in a perfectly level attitude.

Now the Nano S2 micro introduces more innovations for even greater stability and confidence-building control. The custom-tuned AS3X® system at the heart of its SAFE technology has been improved. So has the performance of the SAFE Angle Demand and Panic Recovery features. New to the Nano platform, SAFE Z Altitude Control uses the heli's on-board accelerometer to maintain a consistent altitude. And the new flight controller has been mounted vertically to improve damping and remove vibration to the gyro.

As a result, the Nano S2 is easier to control than ever, and the performance is dazzling. Like the previous Blade Nano models, this one is full of aerobatic tricks. Its collective pitch design accommodates everything from gentle hovering to daring, advanced maneuvers. Strong coreless motors and a 45C LiPo flight battery produce capable power for 3D flight. Linear servos deliver the muscle for impressive control authority.

Construction with super-resilient polymers along with a carbon-fiber main shaft and tail boom give the model's lightweight airframe amazing durability. Most impacts that occur while practicing 3D maneuvers cause no harm. If you do happen to need a repair, nearly all of the parts from the Nano CP S are compatible with the new Nano S2.

Key Features
The Blade® Nano CP S heli features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, the revolutionary electronic flight protection system that enables anyone to fly with confidence. With SAFE technology's versatile flight mode system, you can choose the right amount of assistance with the flip of a switch.

Three Flight Modes
Stability - Z mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit as well as software dampened pitch control.
Stability mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit.
Agility mode: Full control authority with no bank angle limit.

Panic Recovery Mode

Instantly recovers the heli to a level altitude to prevent crashes. If you lose orientation, just press the Panic Recovery button and you'll recover to a level attitude.


SAFE Z Altitude Control helps keep the heli at a consistent altitude via accelerometer programming.

Collective Pitch

Provides limitless flight capabilities


Virtually indestructible! Great for learning advanced maneuvers with confidence.

Additional Features

Powerful - Powerful coreless motors allow for advanced 3D maneuvers.
Light Weight - Low disc loading for advanced aerobatics.
Linear Servos - Provide faster response and better holding torque over normal rotary servos.
45C LiPo Battery - High power output for limitless aerobatics.
USB Charger - Provides charge-anywhere convenience.

Needed to Complete
Compatible DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter

What's in the Box?

(1) Factory-assembled Nano S2 micro helicopter
(1) Factory-installed Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX receiver
(1) 150mAh 1S LiPo battery
(1) USB LiPo battery charger
(1) Product Manual

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O.S. Engines Gasoline Engine GT22 (OS38200) (OS38200)
O.S. Engines is a leading manufacturer of single- and multi-cylinder model aircraft engines ranging from small two-stroke to "giant-scale" four-stroke radial engines. Japanese model engine manufacturer that produces very affordable and yet easy to use model engines which won acclaim for their performance and durability.

The OS Engine GT22 best fit models designed for 15cc 2-stroke or 20cc 4-stroke glow engines. Provides pilots with its reliability and durability, simple and inexpensive operation, easy adjustment, high efficiency and high performance. It creates more power and thus comes with the ability to turn larger diameter propellers than competing engines of this class, making it the first choice for pilots with the highest expectations.

An investment in O.S. gasoline power quickly pays for itself in fast starts, higher power and more flights from your fuel budget.

GT22 High performance, hand-crafted, quality inspected O.S. engine.
Uses beam mounting, unlike most other gasoline engines, for easy installation in planes designed for glow power.
Pitts style muffler has been reinforced at seams, bends and mounting bolt locations for maximum strength.
The IG-02 electronic ignition system handles 4-6 cell NiCd/NiMH or 2-cell LiPo/LiFe batteries.
Rear-mounted Walbro carburetor is custom-designed for the GT22 — a choke rod guide has also been integrated into the crankcase for effortless setup.
260 ml tank is sufficient for 11-12 minutes of aerobatic flying with a reserve
Comes with single prop locking nut.

The fuel tank and all fuel lines must be for gasoline (Tygon).

Standard accessories:
Spark Plug CM-6 (NGK)
WT1054 Walbro Carburetor
New IG-02 Electronic Ignition
E-5040 Silencer Assembly

Displacement: 22.12cc
Bore: 32.0mm
Stroke: 27.5mm
Output: 2.7ps / 2.66hp / 9000 rpm
Practical rpm range: 1800-9000 rpm
Weight: 762g (engine) / 133g (silencer) / 105g (ignition module)

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Arrma 1/10 Big Rock 4WD V3 3S BLX Brushless Monster Truck RTR - Black (ARA4312V3)
The ARRMA® BIG ROCK™ CREW CAB 4X4 3S BLX offers scale realism, dirt-chucking action and 80+ km/h speed potential! It’s also updated with a Spektrum™ SLT3™ radio, Firma™ brushless motor, tougher chassis, wider stance, stronger steering servo and more.

Spektrum™ Firma™ 3660 3200Kv brushless motor with Safe D pinion and ARRMA® heatsink and cooling fan
Stronger chassis and retained hinge pin plates
Steering with more clearance for stones
Castellated slipper pad and sliding gear mesh
Ready to Run (RTR) completion level is fully assembled and includes everything needed besides batteries and a charger.

What's in the Box?
1x Arrma® BIG ROCK™ 4X4 3S BLX 1/10 Scale 4WD Electric Monster Truck RTR BLX100 2S/3S Waterproof* ESC
1x Spektrum™ Firma™ 3660 3200Kv Brushless Motor
1x Spektrum™ 2.4GHz SLT3™ 3-Channel Transmitter
1x Spektrum™ SLR300 Receiver
1x Spektrum™ SPMS651 Waterproof* Metal-Geared Digital Servo
1x Product Manual

Needed to Complete
1x 2S LiPo or 3S Hardcase LiPo Battery
1x Batterry Charger
4x AA Batteries

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Kyosho Outlaw Rampage 1:10 EP 2WD Truck READY SET - BLUE (K.34361T2B)

Realistic 2WD truck delivers the optimal combination of style and performance for the perfect introduction to R/C trucking.

The OUTLAW RAMPAGE brings a new dimension to R/C cars; incorporating real truck components in a 2WD scale truck. With a new chassis designed from the ground up, the underbody features double wishbone suspension on the front with a link system suspension on the rear in combination with the long stroke of high volume aerating oil shocks to deliver a standard of performance worthy of a 2WD trophy truck. Heavy-duty drive system realizes high durability and reliability and is designed to handle high loads with its 32-pitch module counter gear and diff gear and slipper clutch to manage sudden load changes from jump landings etc. With a power center combination consisting of the newly developed ‘G15’ brushed motor and large capacity Vortex WP Brush ESC 45A, the dynamic performance of the OUTLAW RAMPAGE is matched by its stunning 1970-80’s trophy truck style with pre-cut and painted body with decals applied. Whether it’s the rough road or no road at all, the OUTLAW RAMPAGE puts the ultimate trucking experience in your hands.

●Add 4 x AA size batteries for the transmitter and charge the battery for the chassis and this factory assembled Readyset is set for action.
●Steering mechanism with slider system makes efficient use of narrow space and is easy to assemble/disassemble by connecting the ball link.
●Front bumper features 3-piece structure that protects the chassis from hard impact.
●All screws are hex type for easier maintenance.
●Newly developed 15-turn ‘G15’ brushed motor delivers high torque output characteristics.
●Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied recreates the image of ’70’s -’80’s trophy trucks.
●Optional LED light unit (for 2 light:No.97054-2、for 4 light:No.97054-4) can be easily installed.
●Includes 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter. Features throttle endpoint and steering dual rate setting.
●Equipped with Vortex WP Brush 45A ESC that boasts a maximum continuous current of 45A.


■Length 555mm (with body)
■Width 262mm (with body)
■Height 231mm (with body)
■Wheelbase 335mm
■Tread (F/R) 204mm/204mm
■Tires (F/R interchangeable) φ108×38mm
■Gear Ratio 12.65 : 1
■Motor 15 turn 540 type (G15 motor)
■Weight 2,000g approx.

<Ready Set Contents>
●Pre-assembled chassis installed with R/C unit
●Factory finished body with coloring and printed
●Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
●G15 brushed motor
●7.2V-1800 Ni-MH battery
●AC Charger
●Hex wrench
●Cross wrench


Required for Operation
4 x AA-size batteries for transmitter

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Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair 609mm Foam Kit (FT4109)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair
Now made with the new Maker Foam the Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair is an even better plane to get your hands on! The plane is one you have to see for yourself to believe and we couldn't be happier with it!

This little Warbird park flyer is the perfect size to always keep with you in the back seat of your car and is small enough to fly at most medium sized parks. Though this little Corsair doesn't have the 2,000 HP Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engine that the original full-scale warbird had, it does use a 2204 sized brushless motor that is commonly found on mini race quads. This gives this little 4 channel plane enough power to climb vertically endlessly and pull off most basic aerobatic maneuvers with ease.

Power Pack Compatibility:
Flite Test Airplanes are all designed around the use of various "Power Packs" which include an inexpensive Motor, ESC, Servo, & accessory package to complete each aircraft! The compatible power pack is listed below.
Power Pack A - Great lower power option for easier control.
Power Pack F - Improved output power for faster speeds and advanced flyers.

Maker Foam Features:
White color is much easier to add a simple trim scheme using stickers or pinstripes
Translucent allowing models to be creatively lit from within
Takes paint or decals extremely well
More durable than previous Flite Test foam products

Weight: 155g (fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 609mm
Center of Gravity: 25mm from leading edge of wing (recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 12 degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%

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Extreme Flight 60" Extra 300 EXP V2 - 1.52m (A232V2OB)
60" Extra 300 EXP V2 orange/blue/white

The new Extreme Flight V2 Extra 300EXP is here! Incorporating all of the latest design updates from our most recent releases, this airplane radio controlled model loaded with composites and is stronger and lighter! New updates include a self-aligning stab assembly which greatly simplifies the assembly of the Extra, super strong carbon U-channel landing gear mount, composite laminated plywood and balsa fuselage construction and 2 high visibility standard (non-printed) Oracover color schemes. The Extra can easily be assembled and ready to fly in a single evening session by an experienced hobbyists.

Wingspan: 152cm (60")
Length: 149cm (58.5")
Wing Area: 705 sq. in.
Weight: 2 to 3 kg depending on the set up

Recomended Power System:
Foxy G2 Brushless motor C4125-400kv

Hobbywing Skywalker 80A ESC 2-6s / Hobbywing Platinum Pro 100A V3 ESC 2-6s

Propeller: 16x7

Spinner: EF Cyclone 63mm (included)

Radio: Spektrum / Futaba / Graupner / ..

Receiver: Minimum 4 ch. receiver RX (AR410/AR620/AR630/..)

Battery: 6S 3300 - 4000mAh LiPo

Recomended Servos:
4 pcs. Savox SV-1250MG /..

399.55€  Inc Tax
Savöx SV-1250MG Digital Servo 8.0kg/cm 7.4V (1SV2504-HV)
Savox SV-1250MG Digital Servo

Digital High Voltage Coreless Servo with Metal Gear

- Leading edge digital servo technology
- High efficiency Coreless motor
- Accurate and fast response
- Super high resolution
- Aluminium center case for improved motor cooling and strength
- Ball bearing
- Precision Metal gears

Technical specifications:
Servo Technology: Digital High Voltage
Input Voltage (V): 6.0V - 7.4V
Servo Type / Size: Mini
Motor Type: Coreless Motor
Gear Material: Metal gears
Bearing: Ball bearing
Servo Case: Aluminium/Composite
Speed 60°/sec @ 7.4V: 0.095 sec/60°
Torque kg/cm @ 7.4V: 8.0 Kg/cm
Length: 35.0mm
Width: 15.0mm
Height: 29.2mm
Weight: 29.5 g
Connector type: JR
Spline size: 25T spline

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