Aircraft Accessories

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Stick-On Steel weight 10x 10g (100g) (KAV0216A)
Kavan self adhesive Stick-On steel weights (100 grams)

Pack content: 10 pieces of 10g weight

Use for radio controlled (RC) airplane and other models.

3.66€  Inc Tax
Pilot-RC Generic Wingbags for 35cc Airplanes (4ST17410)
The perfect way to protect your model while at home or in the car. Keep all your models components together in the same place with Pilot-Rc wingbags.

Our generic wingbags are designed to fit our Pilot-RC acrobatic models, however will fit mostly any model. Please see measurements in the table below:

SizeColours available

35ccRed &
60ccRed & Black 42100281021203760120
100ccRed & Black 48109311101253867126
150ccRed & Black 56132411331434482144

*All sizes are shown in cm. Measurements A-D are elevator pouch, E-H are main wing compartment. Actual sizes may have minor variations due to fabric construction.

Bags include separate compartments for each wing, for wingtube, and for elevators.

Use this storage/carry case for radio controlled (RC) airplane models and its accessories.

69.54€  Inc Tax
Servo Lead Safety Clip (10 pieces) (2DH3038)
Servo Lead Safety Clip

Package: 10 pieces

Secure servo connections on your (RC) radio controlled models.

Use this servo lead safety clip for secure connection between servo connectors on radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, drones, cars, buggies, trucks, crawlers and other models.

5.49€  Inc Tax
Kavan Gap Seal Tape for Control Surfaces (20x4000mm) (KAV0384)
Kavan Gap Seal Tape for Control Surfaces

Package: Clear tape 20x4000mm

Seal the control surface gap for better aerodynamics on gliders, hotliners, pylons, airplanes and other (RC) radio controlled models.

Use this Kavan gap seal tape for better soaring / gliding characteristics and improved aerodynamics on fast gliders, hotliners pylons and other radio controlled (RC) models.

7.93€  Inc Tax
Hitec Servo Wing Mount Set (HS-80/81/82) (1HI7165)
Hitec Servo Wing Mount Set (HS-80/81/82)

Product Description
This is a universal mount designed to accept almost any micro servo. The top of the mount features an aerodynamic fairing designed to streamline airflow around the servo linkage.

Diameter (mm): 50
Thickness (mm): 14
Thickness with the fairing (mm): 28

Use this wing servo mount (servo mounting bracket) for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, gliders, hotliners, and other models.

7.32€  Inc Tax
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