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470L Tail Rotor Holder (H47T006XXT)
• Use for T-REX 300X / 450 / 470L

• When using with 450 use Tail Pitch Assembly (HS1304B)
• When using with 470L use Tail Pitch Control Link (H47T022XXT)

• 1x 470 Metal Tail Rotor Holder
• 1x Screw
• 2x MR74ZZ-d35 C2 Bearing (3.5x7x2.5mm)
• 2x MR63ZZ C2 Bearing (3x6x2.5mm)
• 2x Thrust Bearing F3-6M (3x6x2.8mm)
• 2x Washer (3x4.8x0.3mm)
• 2x Washer (2x4.8x0.6mm)
• 2x Socket Collar Screw (M2x6mm)
• 2x Screw (M2x6.5mm)
• 2x Socket collar screw (M2x9mm)

17.69€  Inc Tax
Align 450 DFC M2 Socket Collar Screw (H45185)
for T-REX 300X and 450 with DFC

4x Socket collar screw (M2x15mm)
4x Washer (2x3.6x0.2mm)

4.27€  Inc Tax
Align 450 Slant Thread Main Drive Gear, M0.6 / 121T (H45156QA)
for T-REX 450 Series

• New style high strength 121 tooth Mod 0.6 helical main hear for 450 size helis. The increase gear pitch can withstand higher power, at the same time minimize operational noise. A great upgrade to withstand the modern high power system.
• Utilizes high strength polymer plastic with excellent rigidity and flexibility characteristics.
• Patented unique built in fan design to create induced air flow, effectively cooling electronics and motor.

• Gear ratio: 1:10.08
• Weight: 35.3g

3x CNC Slant Thread Main drive gear, M0.6, 121T

6.10€  Inc Tax
Align DS450 Servo Gear Set (HSP45002)
• 1x DS450 gear G1
• 1x DS450 gear G2
• 1x DS450 gear G3
• 1x DS450 gear G4

14.03€  Inc Tax
Align DS455M Digital Servo (HSD45501)
Suitable for T-Rex 250/450 rudder use
• Faster speed with high torque performance, allowing helicopter to perform with faster and higher precision.
• High rigidity, shock resistant metal gears with high strength composite alloy gears with durable structure characteristics.
• Aluminum alloy mid case construction for instantaneous heat dissipation, maintaining servos high efficiency.
• Supports digital and analog control signal.
• Powerful and precise servo.
• Supports 8.4V high voltage input to provide optimal speed and torque performance of the servo.

Stall torque: 2.2kg/cm (6.0V), 2.9kg/cm (8.4V)
Motion speed (60°): 0.05sec (6.0V), 0.04sec (8.4V)
Rating voltage: DC 6.0V - 8.4V
Temperature range: -20°C ~ +60°C
Dimensions: 23x12x31.3mm
Weight: 20g

• 1x DS455M Digital Servo
• 2x Socket Button Head Self Tapping Screw
• 1x Socket Screw
• 2x Servo Arm

39.65€  Inc Tax
Align Feathering Shaft Wrench 470 (5mm) (HOT00006A)
Use as T-REX 470 Feathering Shaft Helicopter Tools and T-REX 470 / 700 / 760 counter thread main linkage rod
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed

1x Feathering Shaft Wrench (12x115x9mm)
1x One-way Bearing HF0512 (5x10x12mm)

17.69€  Inc Tax
Align AP800 Digital Pitch Gauge (HET80001)
Developed by Align team, the new AP800 digital pitch gauge is suitable for flybar and flybarless helicopters. Auto-detecting Horizontal level, with result displayed through high contrast LCD screen, providing a simple and precise way of measuring pitch angle.

Auto-detecting Horizontal level
Uses backlighting LCD monitor
Zero and Lock function
Detectable pitch range: -90°C ~ 90°C
Automatic screen rotation
Suitable for 200 ~ 800mm main blades
Build-in energy saving function. Power shuts down after 3 mins without any movement

Body Dimension: 108x53.9x16mm
Suitable blade width: 20mm ~ 74mm
Detectable pitch range: +/- 90°
Resolution: 0.1°
Battery: 2x CR 2032 Lithium
Weight: 38g (including battery)

29.89€  Inc Tax
Align Feathering Shaft Wrench 450/500 (4/6mm) (HOT00004)
Use as T-REX 450 / 500 Feathering Shaft Wrench - Helicopter Tool
6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material / CNC processed

1x Feathering Shaft Wrench (123mm)
2x One-way Bearing (4x8x6mm / 6x10x12mm)

17.69€  Inc Tax
Align T-rex 450/470 Swashplate Leveler (H47H010XXT)
Use for T-REX 450/470

This swashplate leveler allows for precise swashplate level adjustment, improving helicopter hover stability and flight performance.
Tailored specifically for Align swashplate designs, utilizing CNC alloy metal for pleasing aesthetic and functionality.

1x Swashplate Leveler
1x Swashplate unit corrector collar (5x6x13mm)
1x M3 Set screw (3x3mm)

11.59€  Inc Tax
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