Bait Boat Baiting 2500 2,4GHz RTR with GPS

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Perfect in its simplicity
The Baiting 2500 is a 600mm radio controlled groundbait boat powered by two AC motors. The boat is powered by a LiFe cell with a capacity of 15600 mAh 6.4 V, thanks to which the boat can work for up to an hour when fully charged.

Use the radio to control
Baiting 2500 allows you to control the boat using a 2.4 GHz transmitter equipped with GPS functions. The transmitter enables precise feeding up to 500m. The bait container can hold up to 2500 g, which means you can attract more fish.

Length: 600 mm
Width: 315 mm
Height: 230 mm
Maximum weight: 6100 g
Own weight: 3600 g
Equipment range: <500 m
Maximum load weight: 2500 g
Max speed: 3 m/s

Joysway Baiting 2500
Radio system with a range of 500 m integrated with GPS functions
Boat bag
High-current fast AC charger
6.4V 15600mAh LiFe battery

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  • Model: 4ST3152
  • Manufacturer: Joysway