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GM Racing Nitro Bull .21 (3.5cc) Engine with pull start (92604)
GM Racing Nitro Bull .21 (3.5cc) Nitro Engine with pullstarter

It fits most 1/8 scale nitro vehicles such as off-road buggies and truggies.

Category: 1/8 buggy and truggy
Displacement [cm^3]: 3,5
Bore [mm]: 16,27
Stroke [mm]: 16,75
Liner: ABC
Crankshaft: SG
Crankcase: GM LC (Longlife Crankcase)
Crankcase Colour: black
Piston: High Precision CNC Machined
Carburetor: GM Slide Carburetor
Power Output: 2,8 PS
Max RPM: 38.000
Weight: 460g

64.66€  Inc Tax
Kyosho Psycho Kruiser 2.0 VE 1:8 RC 4WD Readyset EP (K.34256B)
The brutal power of this machine is meant for expert hands only!

Top-level drivers proclaim this as the most extreme power in an R/C model ever experienced! This extraordinary monster truck features a 3-diff shaft drive full time 4WD chassis with a design running thick with the DNA of the multiple world-championship winning Inferno. The combination of 22.2V 6-cell LiPo battery and 2000Kv KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX8 brushless motor produces a ferocious power to weight ratio that delivers explosive acceleration and top speeds of more than 80km/h. If you are not in full control of the throttle, it can back flip and leave onlookers completely lost for words. This formidable power is harnessed with a high-rigidity bulkhead, hardened chassis, reinforced transmission and diff ring gears, dial adjustable large capacity oil shocks and shock resistant battery case. This feature packed machine comes as a fully assembled Readyset package and requires no frequency band setting with the 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter and ultra high-torque KS5031-09MW steering servo system pre-installed 4-color printed body is included so you only need to add your own charged LiPo battery and batteries to the transmitter for the mayhem to start. We would like to say this model is for everyone, but such is the power of this machine only expert level drivers can have some degree of confidence in managing its extreme performance. There has never been a monster truck like this one, and maybe there never will be!

●3 diff shaft drive full time 4WD chassis and 22.2V + brushless motor produce power like never before.
●Fully factory assembled Readyset.
●Pre-cut 4 color printed body.
●Pre-installed 2000Kv KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX8 brushless motor. (drip proof)
●2.4GHz R/C system with Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter requires no frequency band control.
●Includes waterproof ultra high torque KS5031-09MW steering servo.
●Incorporates many reinforced parts such as hardened main chassis.
●Features machined aluminum dial adjustable big bore shocks.
●Straight cut bevel gears made from special toughened steel and gear modules on the reinforced diff ring gear are designed to match the machine’s extreme level of power.Equipped with 6-spoke wheels & block tires. Balances rough road running power with high level grip performance.
●Stabilizers and universal joints are equipped on front and rear.
●Mud guard installed on rear axle provides protection from dirt and mud. Promises stable performance under various running conditions.
●Resin chassis stiffener as used on the Inferno NEO is installed on front and rear.
●Full bearing specification features 18 bearings through the drive system and wheels with 2 in the clutch bell.
●Large bumper provides protection for the front suspension holders and lower arm plate.
●Compatible with many optional parts for the Inferno series.

Technical data:
Length: 550mm
Width: 410mm
Height: 210mm
Wheelbase: 355mm
Tread (F/R): 345mm / 345mm
Tire (F/R): 148 x 66mm / 148 x 66mm
Gear Ratio: 17.2:1
Weight: 4,650g
Motor: KSH TORX 8 - 2000kV

Readyset Content:
Pre-assembled chassis with pre-set control linkages
Factory assembled printed body
2.4GHz R/C system Syncro KT-201 pre-installed
L-shape hex wrenches: 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm
Cross wrench
17mm wheel wrench

Required for Operation:
4 x AA alkaline batteries for transmitter
Running battery (2 x 7.2 v Ni-MH or 2 x 2S/3S LiPo battery)
Battery Charger

619.76€  Inc Tax
Torro Radio Controlled Highspeed Mini TRUGGY RTR 2.4Ghz 1:40 (green) (TOR9208056)
Torro Radio Controlled Highspeed Mini TRUGGY RTR 2.4Ghz 1:40 (green)

Torro RC Mini Racing Truggy Car
High speed about 25 km/h with RC Remote Control and many functions.
Automatic and patented 5-speed transmission. Comes with 20 pylons for race events.

R/C Mini Racing Stunt Truggy 1/40 (green)
Remote controler with 30-40m range
Rollover protection case for hot stunts!
Ground clearance 10mm
Wheelbase 53mm
Track width 42mm
Up/down / right/left
Trim function for forward/reverse
Turbo speed of up to 25 km/h
6-10 minute drive (depending on the terrain and battery condition)
Vehicle Battery 3.7V 120 mAh LiPo
Charging time: about 40 minutes
Length: approx. 12cm
Height: approx. 5cm
Width: approx. 8.5cm
20 pylons
USB charging cable
Instruction manual

Remote control batteries required 6 x AA (not included)

Use under direct adult supervision only.
Minimum Age: 8 Years
Age recommendation: 14 Years
Not suitable for children under 36 months of age. Choking hazard due to small parts.

22.57€  Inc Tax
Kyosho Inferno NEO ST 3.0 1:8 Truggy with Picco Rebel XL Engine (Readyset) (K.33016RXL)
Feel the impulse for full throttle of the high-torque engine and experience stadium truck power and stability.

With 8 World Championship titles, the INFERNO is recognized as Kyosho’s flagship model. The updated 1/8 scale INFERNO NEO ST Race Spec 3.0 brings the dynamic racing potential of INFERNO performance DNA to stadium truck racing. Mounted with the user-friendly KE25SP engine fitted with recoil starter, optimal balance of speed and handling is realized through Big Bore oil shocks and unique block pattern tires that dominate on any type of surface, including race circuits. With its racing chassis base, durability and reliability combine with wide scope of setting options and compatibility with performance-enhancing optional parts so you can tune your truck into a dynamic high-performance machine! With this Readyset package, the thrilling world of engine-powered off-road trucking is easy for everyone to enjoy.

Readyset includes Inferno based shaft drive 4WD chassis with latest radio system layout and completed body.
Comes with upgraded PICCO REBEL XL (pullstart) engine with premium polished muffler and manifold.
Maintenance-friendly chassis construction has removed the use of E-rings.
Front-Center-Rear gear differentials provide optimal power transfer to all four wheels.
Universal swing shafts equipped on front minimize drive loss and increase crash resistance.
Equipped with stabilizer bars on front and rear to control chassis roll through corners.
High-degree of compatibility with parts used in the highest spec Inferno ST RR Evo.2 model.
Compatible with Inferno series optional parts to unlock even more performance from your machine.

Kit Contents:
Fully assembled chassis complete with RC linkages
Pre-cut body finished with printed color scheme
2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm hex wrenches
Cross wrench (large)
17mm wheel wrench

Required for operation:
8 x AA-size alkaline batteries for receiver and transmitter
Engine starting tools (fuel bottle, plug heater)

Technical data:
Length : 550mm
Width : 427mm
Height : 225mm
Ground Clearance : 40mm
Wheelbase : 355mm
Tread (F/R) : 289mm / 289mm
Tire(F/R) :Φ148×66mm / Φ143×66mm
Gear Ratio :14.6:1
Weight : 3,750g approx.
Motor : Picco Rebel EXL
Transmitter 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+

539.85€  Inc Tax
REDS Racing V3.0 Tetra Aluminum Clutch - 32mm (without bell) (REDMUQU0063)
REDS Racing V3.0 Tetra Aluminum Clutch - 32mm (without bell)

Fully Adjustable
REDS new clutch system comes with 3 preload adjustments on the front plate to fit any type of ground and engine output. You can change the spring preload on the front plate from H to M and to L (High, Medium and Low position). The 1.1mm spring was introduced (available as an optional part) to further increase the number of setup combinations to best suit your driving style and track conditions.

The new clutch system features a new dust-proof flywheel which has been improved compared to its previous version to protect the engine front bearing from dirt even on high-dust conditions.

The new 7075 Aluminum and Carbon clutch shoes have been redesigned to increase wear resistance. In addition, the new shoes are lighter to allow and engage at higher revs and lower inertia to rotation. V3.0 Clutch System comes with 4 alu shoes and 1.0 mm springs. Other parts are available as an upgrade.

2 different models of the V3.0 Clutch has been developed and both are available with 32mm and 34mm diameter to make it suitable for different car models.

Aluminum Clutch: medium inertia, good on all type of track layouts.
Steel Clutch: high inertia, recommended for low grip tracks.

​ Suitable for any type of car (Off-Road Buggy and Truggy)
32 mm for Kyosho, JQ, Team Associated, Hot Bodies, Serpent, Xray.
34 mm for Sworkz, Mugen, Team Losi, Agama, Tekno.

The original REDS bell can be used with all types of cars named above.

54.90€  Inc Tax
Picco REBEL XL .24 Monster Engine with pull start (PIC9668)
Picco REBEL XL .24 Engine

The best 4.0cc (.24) engine for your Monster Truck! Easy to start and tune!

Upsized off-road Buggy and Truggy Monster engine with Pullstart offering a massive torque and power. It's non-race legal but with its design for maximum performance and a smooth power delivery with extra vertical ports making it an ideal choice for heavy monster trucks and all-purpose bashing.

-Upsized Monster engine for Buggy and Truggy
-Massive torque and power
-Non-race-legal (.24)
-3 ports sleeve for maximum performance
-Smooth power delivery
-Extra vertical ports for better performance
-Made in Europe

194.59€  Inc Tax
Serpent Cobra SRX8 Truggy EP 1/8 4WD (SER600064)
Serpent Cobra SRX8 Truggy EP 1/8 4WD

After the introduction of the long awaited SRX8-T, Serpent shifted into high gear, and prepared to complete the entire 1/8th line with the SRX8-T Electric. Transforming the Nitro version into an E version in a short time was nothing short of our highest priority. Take the best Nitro Truggy we have ever developed, and go electric. Retain all the key factors: performance, reliability, durability, ease of assembly as well as maintenance, coupled with all new suspension geometry, we feel this all new E Truggy is built for success. Using all of our high quality metals, plastics and rubber, we spared zero when it came to building the best product we could. During testing this all new E truggy exceeded all expectations we have set forth. Not only did this all new E truggy out perform its predecessor, it annihilated it. It was faster, more durable, easier to drive and straight up vicious on the race track. Without Further a due, let’s get started with all the new features of the SRX8-T Electric.

599.63€  Inc Tax
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