Louise RC MFT GT-Shiv 1:8 Buggy Racing Tire Set - Soft (2 pieces) - Black Spoke Rim

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(This product has a minimum quantity of 2)
This tire set fits Front and Rear
All 1/8 Buggy and GT-Rally cars with 17mm wheel hex adapter

Due to the extreme loads during driving, cornering and high jumps, the design of the wheel and the materials used are extremely important. The proper flexibility and strength allow the Louise RC wheels to withstand these heavy forces. The Louise RC wheels are made of a mixture of high quality nylon granulates, charged with fiber or without. These composites have been specially developed by Dupont® for Louise RC.

Tire inserts
The tires are mounted either with special preformed foam inserts or with cut-to-size foam inserts. The inserts are selected in a specific density and size in order to guarantee perfect dampening and form stability of the tire.

Mounted - Glued
Due to the extreme forces the tire must firmly bonded to the wheel. Louise RC takes the highest care in bonding the tires properly. For years they have been searching to find the best way to glue the tires well but also in a clean way. Today Louise RC is considered one of the best in the RC industry. The tires are glued with a special rubber cyanoacrylate glue. This glue has been specially developed for Louise RC to guarantee a perfect firm bond to withstand all extreme forces.

The following steps are performed in production at Louise RC in order to obtain a perfect bond;
  • The rings of the rubber tire to be glued are slightly grinded and degreased.
  • The surface of the wheel where the tire will be glued is grinded up and degreased.
  • The tire is bonded to the wheel with cyanoacrylate adhesive using a special dosing machine. As a result, the equal amount of glue is always applied.
  • The bonded tire is pressed for a specific time in order to ensure perfect bonding and curing.
  • Each tire passes a spinning and pulling test to ensure perfect bonding.

MFT Technology
MFT stands for Micro Fiber Technology. This technology indicates the presence of a textile belt in the rubber tread of the tire to prevent the tire from deforming and ballooning during high speed operations.

The MFT technology keeps the tire in shape, even during powerful accelerations and high-speed runs.
The well-known ballooning of a normal tire without MFT technology that disturbs the entire shape and where the diameter of the tire changes under these extreme conditions, is now part of the past. The MFT Technology provides increased stability, significant more road contact and the tire life is extended.

RACING Compound
The Louise RC racing tyres are made of a special rubber compound where high demands are imposed on the grip that the tyre provides but also on its wear and tear. The racing tires are available in 2 different compounds, Soft and Super soft. The tires also build up more grip when the ideal temperature is reached. That's why we always recommend driving a few laps first to bring the tires up to temperature.

Tech Specs
Car Type: 1/8 Buggy/Rally - GT
Wheel Adapter: Hex 17mm
Wheel Off-Set: 0-Offset.
Wheel Color: Black
Wheel Dia.: 83mm
Wheel Type: Glued
Wheel Material: Nylon Composite
Tire Techn.: MFT - Micro Fiber Technology
Tire Compound: Soft
Tire Size: 104x42mm
Tire Weight (1): 111 gg

Use for radio controlled offroad car (buggy) and other RC models.

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  • Model: LR-T3284SB
  • Manufacturer: Louise RC