REDS S-Series X-ONE EFRA 2143M Off-road Tuned Pipe with M Manifold

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The REDS X-ONE Torque 2143 One-Piece Off-Road Tuned Pipe for S Series engines combines the REDS 2143 Pipe and the REDS M Manifold to create this one-piece "Torque" exhaust. The X-ONE system is an innovative all-in-one pipe-manifold system. The pipe has been welded to the manifold to improve performance and fuel consumption. With X-ONE configuration there is no need for springs or gaskets, and the one piece design creates increased reliability and improved tuning stability.

Low ●●●●●
Mid ●●●●●
High ●●●●

REDS Racing manifolds have been designed for different track conditions and to optimize performance.

L (Long) manifold
allows you to increase performance at low and medium RPM for a better feeling. It is recommended for high grip tracks, top speed will be lower. We advise to use this manifold with REDS 2104 pipe.

M (Medium)
is recommended for medium grip tracks where more bottom torque is required, top speed will be slightly lower.

S (Short)
is recommended for medium or low grip tracks; it is a good compromise between torque and top speed.

XS (Extra Short)
is recommended for low grip traction to achieve the highest top speed but lower bottom torque.

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  • Model: REDKX210007
  • Manufacturer: REDS Racing