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8S Battery Capacity Meter (1GT0108)
Battery Checker / Servo Tester / Balance Discharger

Capable of giving voltage and capacity readings on 2 - 8s Lithium packs and 4 - 12s Nickel packs, balance discharging Lithium packs and it can even test servos and ESC's.

With a simple to read LCD display and easy to operate buttons allowing you to cycle through the different readings, this is one the things that everybody should have in their flight box.

14.64€  Inc Tax
G.T. Power LED Aircraft Lightning System (1GT0103)
G.T. Power LED Aircraft Lightning System

This RC aircraft LED lightning system is the simulation of a large passenger aircraft, helicopter or fighter lightning systems. It is easy to install and operate and is welcomed by most RC pilots. It improves visibility of the model in the air and creates more realistic/scale look.

Anti-collision (red beacon)
Strobe (white)
Navigation lights (red - left, green - right)
Landing lights
8 Operating modes

Input voltage: 4.8 - 6V DC (from receiver)
Working current: 100mA
LED cable length: 800mm
Power control cable length: 300mm
Control box dimensions: 30 x 30 x10mm
Complete system weight: 36g

Use this accessory / aircraft LED lightning for improved scale look on RC airplanes, helicopters, drones and other radio controlled (RC) models.

25.01€  Inc Tax
G.T. Power Servo Tester (1GT0109)
G.T. Power 3 Mode CCPM Servo and ESC Consistency Tester

This portable device allows you to test the functionality of your servos and ESC without having to connect your radio, receiver and battery. Servos testers also allow you to easily center your servos when attaching servo horns and making control surface adjustments.

Three modes to check ESC or Servos:
Manual: Turn the knob with different speed and check the response time
Neutral: Test the center point of your servo
Automatic: Make the servo swing automatically to the greatest angle

Connect up to three servos at one time
Connect up to three ESCs at one time to test response time

Input Voltage: 4.8-6V

10.98€  Inc Tax
G.T. Power RPM Meter (Tachometer) (1GT01111)
G.T. Power Tachometer (RPM Meter)

Device optically measures RPM of a spinning propeller (with 2-9 blades)

Weight: 39g
Dimension: 90x54x16mm
Display: LED
Blade range: 2-9
Backlight Color: blue
Battery: 220mah replaceable lithium battery (CR2032)

Compact and extremely portable
Auto turn off feature
Included battery
Sharp backlit LCD screen. Viewable even under poor light condition

24.40€  Inc Tax
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