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XT90 gold-plated connectors (1 pair) (GRS8468)
Two-pin power connector with gold-plated contacts

Packaging: XT90 male and XT90 female connector / 1 pair

Use this connectors for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models

3.66€  Inc Tax
Graupner ULTRA 2806 2300KV Brushless Motor CW (S7049)
Graupner ULTRA Race copter MOTOR 2300kv CW

Operating Voltage Range: 7.4-11.1V (2-3S)
Number of poles: 14
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Case Diameter: 28mm
Case Length: 18.7mm
Kv (RPM/V): 2300
Weight (inc. spinner and 2mm connectors): 33.5g

9.76€  Inc Tax
Graupner ULTRA 2806 2300KV Brushless Motor CCW (S7050)
Graupner ULTRA Race copter MOTOR 2300kv CCW

Operating Voltage Range: 7.4-11.1V (2-3S)
Number of poles: 14
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Case Diameter: 28mm
Case Length: 18.7mm
Kv (RPM/V): 2300
Weight (inc. spinner and 2mm connectors): 33.5g

9.76€  Inc Tax
Graupner Ski Set (for Husky 1800S) (13410.43)
Graupner Ski Set for Husky 1800S

Can be used on a similar sized radio controlled model airplanes with approx. 1800mm wingspan.

Length: 330mm
Width: 65mm
Height: 40mm
Weight: 330g

(only ski set, RC model airplane not included)

14.64€  Inc Tax
Graupner mz-12 PRO HoTT 2.4Ghz 12-Channel Transmitter (S1002.PRO.77)
The Graupner mz-12 PRO is raising the bar for any radio in its price range. With 12 channels, 250 model memories, 5 model types, real-time voice telemetry, user announcements and 1500 mAh LiPo battery the mz-12 PRO is setting a new standard in value and performance!

Holding the mz-12 PRO gives an instant locked feeling to the pilot. FPV and hand launch sailplane pilots will appreciate the design of the mz-12 PRO which provides better grip and accessibility to switches and controls. The included 1500mAh LiPo battery can be easily charged with the included micro USB cable.

The mz-12 PRO micro USB port can be used for charging, software updates and for use as a joystick controller with supported games such as flight simulators. Now you can use the same model indoors for training purposes and outdoors to show off your new skills!

Updating the mz-12 PRO with new software, user made voice notifications or user models is done with the free firmware update studio providing the user with additional flexibility and increased value.

No need for storing models on SD cards or computers. With 250 model memories the mz-12 PRO provides you with almost unlimited storage for all your models. Moving models between your mz-12 PRO and computer is done with the firmware update studio where users can also share their models between their mz-12 PRO radio

Real-time telemetry is already integrated in the mz-12 PRO and does not require any additional hardware for functions such as signal quality, temperature, or receiver voltage. The included Falcon 12 6-channel receiver provides telemetry functions that can be configured to notify you regarding any system changes. Graupner provides a wide selection of telemetry ESCs, modules and sensors that can immediately connect to and of our HoTT receivers and flight controllers without the need for external hub boxes or complex wiring.

Add situational awareness and extra safety by easily assigning switches to telemetry functions and notifications to provide information about battery voltage, battery capacity, altitude, flight direction, speed, etc. The real-time, bi-directional HoTT transmission protocol will constantly monitor system health and notify you of any changes to the system. No more surprise situations such as sudden battery depletion or accidentally flying out-of-range!

Configure any switch or control on the mz-12 PRO with a wide selection of voice announcements and alerts. Set up countless announcement combination options based on your needs and model conditions with flight-dependent voice triggers. Record your own voice messages to customize your experience by downloading the free Graupner Firmware Update Studio Program!

The built-in speaker provides a loud and clear adjustable volume for all the radio notifications. Subsequently user can also use a headset for hearing notifications.

The mz-12 PRO is empowering multirotor pilots with features such as CROSSFIRE V2, race timers, telemetry and more. The included Falcon 12 receiver can be used as multirotor flight controller supporting a variety of ESC modes and multirotor configurations.

Need to reverse your motor direction, setup your Falcon flight controller or make telemetry settings? With the mz-12 PRO radio all these tasks can be easily done using the radio without the need for cables, computers or programming boxes! Just make all your settings changes on the fly at your shop or at the field!

Airplanes, helicopters, multirotors, boats, cars... the mz-12 PRO supports all model types! Setting up a helicopter or full house glider is easily done by simply selecting the right model type. For example, in airplane mode you can select from 4 tail types 5 wing types, 2 flight modes, 9 free mixers and 8 wing mixers.

Each switch and control can be freely assigned to any channel based on preferences giving you the ultimate freedom to setup your model.

12 radio channels and 250 model memories
Quad bearings gimbals for smooth operation
Integrated long range antenna
Microcomputer radio 2.4 GHz radio utilizing Graupner HoTT technology
Use of up to 75 frequency-hopping channels to ensure operating reliability
Removeable 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery
Battery charging indicator when charged with included USB cable
Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
Fast 10ms frame rates when used with digital servos
Wireless or wired Teacher/Student link (buddy boxing)
Micro USB Joystick function for flight simulator training
Model types: Airplane, Helicopter, Multirotor, Boat and Car
Supports 5 different languages (German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)
Model memories can be stored and retrieved from computer
Intuitive operation and programming
HoTT Sync for exclusive and safe model operation
Airplane Wing Types: 1AI, 1AI-1FL, 2AI, 2AI-1FL, 2AI-2FL
All switches and controls are user assignable
Radio Switches: 2 x 3-position switches, 1 x 2 position spring loaded switch, 2 x 2 position switch, 1 analog rotary knob
Mode 1 to 4 freely selectable
Key-lock function against unintended operation.
2 programmable flight phases
Helicopter Swash plate limiter
Dual Rate and Expo individually adjustable and switchable during the flight
Wing mixers (aileron/flaps differential), (aileron rudder/flaps mixer), (elevator flap/aileron mixer), (flap elevator/aileron mixer)
Multi point throttle curve in all model modes
Free assignable mixers functions (5 linear mixers and 4 curve mixers)
Programmable fail-safe function "Hold" or "Move to preset positions" can be set separately for each individual servo channel
Stopwatches / Countdown timer with alarm function
Model copy function for model memory
Supported data formats on the DSC port: Telemetry, Bluetooth, CROSSFIRE V2 unidirectional

mz-12 PRO 12 channel radio (red)
1500 mAh LiPo battery 5.55 Wh
Micro USB cable

189.71€  Inc Tax
Graupner Silicone Fuel Line 1m (5/2mm) (1643)
Graupner Silicone Fuel Tubing

Size: 5mm outer and 2mm inner diameter
Length: 1m

Silicone fuel line/hose for radio controlled model engines. Use for glow fuel.

1.83€  Inc Tax
Graupner ON/OFF Switch with leads (3934.1)
Graupner ON/OFF Switch with leads

3.66€  Inc Tax
Graupner Power Pack 1S LiPo 220mAh 3.7V / 45C (78102.1)
Graupner Power Pack

Lipo: 1S / 3.7V
Capacity: 220mAh
Discharge Rating: 45C

Use this battery for radio controlled (RC) drones, helicopters, airplanes and other small models.

6.71€  Inc Tax
Graupner Motor ESC Prop Set A (CCW) (GRFT4523)
Graupner ULTRA MOTOR 2804 2300kv CCW
Graupner Ultra Control BlHeli 20A 7.2-17.4V SBEC
Propeller Graupner Sport Prop 5x3 (2 pieces)

Motor specification:
Operating Voltage Range: 2-4S
Number of poles: 14
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Case Diameter: 28mm
Kv (RPM/V): 2300
Recommended propeller: 5-6"

29.89€  Inc Tax
Graupner MZ-16 16-Channel 2.4 GHz HoTT Color TFT Transmitter (S1047)
The Graupner mz-16 provides the technology and features only seen in high-end radios available as a 16 channel 2.4GHz HoTT radio. The mz-16 provides the pilot with a radio system where accuracy, control and reliability is fully integrated inside a high-tech carbon look and comfortable ergonomics transmitter.

The mz-16 brings the same powerful features as our mz-32 radio introducing a new level of functionality where you, the user, can control almost any part of the radio. The mz-16 brings you the power to design your own screens, program your own control logic, filter your own voice notifications and even design the looks of your radio with removable colored face plates.

The Graupner mz-16 provides 16 channel proportional functions and supports five different model types such as electric, gas or turbine airplanes, helicopters, multirotor, cars and even boats.

It can store and load up to 999 different user models, has 8 flight-phases and 12 curve mixers which can be set global or flight-phase dependent! The machined aluminum quad bearing gimbals provide the smoothest control feel a pilot can experience which can be comfortably adjusted the way you like from the back of the radio.

The mz-16 has a rock solid HoTT 2.4GHz RF system combined with a adjustable linear antenna for unmatched signal quality and extended range.

The outdoor friendly 4.3-inch state of the art TFT color touchscreen ensures convenient access to all the mz-16 functions for setting up and managing your models. The highly optimized and fast performing graphical user interface is driven by a high-performance processor making access to menus and functions fast and crisp just like on your Smartphone. The intuitive touch and tap control make navigation around the menus fast, easy and fun!

The mz-16 is not only fast and responsive but is also fast to load. You will be using your mz-16 from power up in no time!

Designing your own screen layouts to display information or create menu shortcuts can be done on the fly by simply tapping on the screen. The mz-16 provides over hundred widgets which make up the screens that you like and fit your style for controlling your models. You can create in total six screens that better fit your needs and personal style using the tip of your finger. No programming needed! You can do it all with the mz-16!

One radio for all! English, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese, Korean, Spanish language is supported with more languages to come all in one radio!

With 16 channels the mz-16 provides unlimited functionality and control over any model that you have. You can bind two 2.4GHz receivers so you can layout and distribute the channels the way you want.

For example, you can have one receiver that controls all your wing servos such as ailerons, flaps, landing gear, and lights. Just supply main power to the wing, and you are ready to go. No complicated wiring or expensive hubs needed! This provides you with a level of simplicity with the benefits of additional RF redundancy for extra peace of mind.

Still need more channels but do not have enough switches to do what you want? The mz-16 also provides up to 16 digital switches that can be assigned and controlled with a single tap from the widget menu. Create as many digital switch combinations as you like for turning lights and smoke on or off, turn cranes or water guns or anything else that you need to control without using up your switches.

Switching and control options are further enhanced with Logical Switches (And, Or, Equal, Not), Control Switches, Sensor Switches and Combination Switches. Each provides a new level of control to you depending on switch position, stick location or telemetry data.

Need to hear what is going on? The mz-16 provides endless options to generate almost any type of system or telemetry voice notification depending on the state of your radio such as switch positions, flight phase names, warnings, vario information and endless others.

The mz-16 starts communicating with you from the moment you turn it on, informing you if a switch or control is in the wrong position for the selected model. No more surprises from collapsing landing gear, runaway motors or wrong gyro settings. The mz-16 can inform you when needed even when you forgot to bring down your landing gear or are about to run out of range or battery.

Walks of shame are now a thing of the past!

With over 600 installed voices and unlimited voice combinations, you can make almost any voice announcements or add as many as you want using our text to speech editor.

In need of help during setup or when something is unclear? Forget about searching through lengthy manuals or endless web searches! The mz-16 provides support right where you need it. Each menu and option have its own context-sensitive answers right on the screen. Just tap the question mark and you will be instantly presented with help and assistance.

Don’t like our help screens? Make or add your own help screens with whatever content makes sense to you. The mz-16 is there for you allowing you to do and have the things you like the most.

With integrated WLAN the mz-16 is ready to connect you with the rest of the world!

Connect to your wireless LAN to receive notifications about newly released firmware which are instantly downloaded and installed on your radio. Your mz-16 is always up to date with the latest and greatest! Updates can also be done with the included USB cable and our firmware upgrade studio software.

Graupner takes connectivity further with a micro USB port that can charge your radio, access your included 16GB micro SD memory card where screens, models, voice files, music and screen shots can be stored.

You can use the USB or DSC port also as a joystick controller for games and flight simulators. Now you can practice flying your model on your favorite flight simulator with the same radio that you use at the field!

The data port on the back can be configured to output a variety of digital signal outputs like SUMD, CROSSFIRE, Smart Box, and more. Adding and using third-party modules such as long-range FPV has never been easier than with the mz-16.

All Graupner HoTT receivers now also support digital serial wire output such as PPM, SUMD, and SBUS for more connectivity and better interoperability with third party flight controllers.

HOTT-PC - Smart-Box - External Monitor - SUMD - DSMX/DSM2 (Data Output) - CROSSFIRE

Computers, wirers, and programming boxes are things of the past! The mz-16 HoTT wireless protocol lets you do everything right on the radio! Need to set up your telemetry, flight controller or reverse the direction of your ESC? Just use the shortcut key on the radio to access any of the connected devices, and you are immediately in business.

Do this at home while setting up your model or at the field to fine-tune your settings.

Enjoy the HoTT integration of third-party flight controllers and sensors like Ikon, Spirit, 3Digi, MSH-Brain, SM-Modelbau and many more for easy access using your mz-16 radio.

Training your family members or friends is as easy as bind and teach! The mz-16 provides a wireless as well as wired trainer support you can use with other brand radios using the DSC port in the back.

You can assign control to any of the active channels depending on your student's level and model capabilities.

Passing control is easily done with a flick of a switch.

mz-16 transmitter
Dual RF System
USB charging cable
USB update adapter
LiPo battery 4000mAh
Neck strap
Neck Strap Balancer

749.69€  Inc Tax
Graupner MX-20 12-Channel HoTT 2.4 GHz Transmitter + 8-Ch. RX (33124.16.EN)
With 12 control functions, the mx-20 HoTT allows the advanced RC model builder to control nearly any model. The use of Graupner HoTT 2.4-GHz transmission technology ensures great functional reliability through bi-directional communication between transmitter and receiver, with integrated telemetry, voice output via headphone output, and ultrafast response times. The transmitter has 24 model memories. Simplified programming using touch keys. A contrast-rich, 8-line, blue-lit graphic display ensures perfect display of all setting parameters and telemetry data. Telemetry data and additional model memories can be stored on a micro-SD memory card. (later after update) The channel signal is resolved at 12 bits in 4096 steps, thus providing extremely sensitive control. USB connection for reading out and storing model memories and for firmware upgrades.

Control function: 12
Width [mm]: 175 mm
Height [mm]: 115 mm
Temperature range [°C] : -15 ... 55 °C
Aerial length [mm]: 120 mm
All-up weight [g]: 770 g
Frequency : 2400 ... 2484,5 MHz
Range approx. [m] : 4000 m
Overall length [mm]: 190 mm
Dimensions [LxWxH in mm]: 190 x 175 x 115 mm
Current consumption [mA]: 210 mA
Operating voltage neutral [V] : 3,4 ... 4.8 V

298.90€  Inc Tax
Graupner MZ-10 5-Channel HoTT 2.4 GHz Transmitter (S1042.77)
User-friendly interface on an 8 LED screen
Quad ball bearing gimbals for smooth operation
HoTT bi-directional 2.4GHz technology
Updateable firmware with the free Graupner Update Studio
High reliability with 75 frequency-hopping channels to ensure operating reliability
Warning and alarm function with HoTT SmartBox (sold seperately)
External DSC port for telemetry modules and sensors (sold seperately)
Selectable 10ms, 20ms of the signal rate supporting analogue and digital servos
Wireless trainer system

Dual rate on channel 2 4 at 70% and 100%
Servo reversal
3 wing types (Delta Wing, 2 Aileron, V-tail)
4 stick modes (MODE 1, MODE 2, MODE 3, MODE 4)

mz-10 transmitter
Alkaline 4 cell
Battery holder

The 5 channel Graupner mz-10 radio is a popular entry-level radio. Its high-precision quad ball bearing gimbals provide smooth and comfortable stick control. It shares the same Hopping Telemetry Transmission (HoTT) technology as our more advanced radios, providing safe and worry-free flights by hopping over 75 2.4 GHz channels to secure the most reliable, interference-free operating channel.

The mz-10 is packed with features such as dual rates, servo reversal, different wing types and wireless trainer. With the SmartBox and numerous available telemetry modules (sold separately), the mz-10 can be enhanced to show real-time telemetry (e.g. battery voltage, signal strength, altitude, speed, etc.). This information is integral in increasing your situational awareness and adding extra flight safety.

The mz-10 is a full-range radio and is suitable to for multirotors, airplanes, helicopters and any of our “Ready for HoTT” products. The wireless trainer system allows the mz-10 radio to be used with any other Graupner HoTT radio, allowing everyone to learn or teach about the exciting experiences this hobby has to offer.

109.80€  Inc Tax
Graupner SOIL Micro Sail Yacht (h=435mm) - Ready To Sail (GR92301)
Graupner SOIL

The "SOIL" is a compact sailing yacht model controlled via 2 functions.
The model is suitable for small water with light wind.
Because of handy size, the model "SOIL" is very transport friendly and great choice as a gift or to take it with you to holidays.

Completely ready-to-sail compact yacht
2.4 GHz remote controler with frequency hopping system
Sailboat stand

In the package:
"SOIL" Sail Yacht Model
Remote controller (Radio Transmitter)
All batteries
Boat stand
Small parts
User manual

Completely ready to sail "SOIL" Micro Sail Yacht (RC - radio controlled sailboat) model is a perfect choice for a gift or due to its compact dimensions ideal model to take it with you to summer holidays and other vacation.

49.41€  Inc Tax
Graupner Receiver NiMh Battery Pack (4 AA) 4NH-2000mAh 4.8V (JST connector) (GR2498.4FBEC)
Graupner Receiver NiMh Battery Pack 4NH-2000mAh 4.8V with JST connector

Use this NiMh battery pack for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, drones, cars, buggies, trucks, crawlers and other models and accessories.

7.93€  Inc Tax
G4 mm Gold Connectors (2 pair) (GR3386)
High current gold-plated G4 mm connectors

Packing: male (2 pcs), female (2 pcs)

Use this connectors for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models

3.05€  Inc Tax
Graupner XH-Balance Charger 3-4S LiPo (GR3S4SBAL)
Graupner XH-Balance Charger 3-4S LiPo

Microprocessor controlled charger with integrated balancer for lithium batteries (LiPo, LiIo).

7-segment LED voltage and charge status indicator
For LiPo batteries with 3-4 cells and XH balancer connector
Charging power: approx. 40 W
Charging current: max. 3 A
Weight: 135 g
Automatic test and detection of batterie cells

Technical data:

Connector: XH
Width [mm]: 60
Height [mm]: 26
Weight [g]: 135
Max. charging current [A]: 3
Number of LiPo, Lilo cells: 3 - 4
Length [mm]: 98
AC input voltage [V]: 100 ... 240 V AC
Dimensions: [LxWxH in mm]: 98 x 60 x 26
Max. charging power [W]: 40

Use this 3-4S LiPo battery Balance Charger for radio controlled (RC) model airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other Lipo batteries.

14.64€  Inc Tax
Graupner XH-Balance Charger 2-3S LiPo (GR6454.XH)
Graupner XH-Balance Charger 2-3S LiPo

Use this 2-3S LiPo battery Balance Charger for radio controlled (RC) model airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other Lipo batteries.

9.76€  Inc Tax
Graupner Motor ESC Prop Set B (CCW) (GRFT4524)
Graupner ULTRA MOTOR 2812 1200kv CCW
Graupner Ultra Control BlHeli 35A 7.2-17.4V SBEC
Propeller Graupner Sport Prop 8x4.5 (2 pieces)

Motor pecification:
Operating Voltage Range: 2-6S
Number of poles: 14
Shaft Diameter: 5mm
Case Diameter: 28mm
Case Length: 24mm
Overall Length: 43mm
Kv (RPM/V): 1200
Recommended propeller: 8-10"
Weight (inc. spinner and 2mm connectors): 53g

31.72€  Inc Tax
Graupner Aluminium Spinner 38mm / 2-blade (GR215.38)
Graupner Aluminium Spinner 38mm / 2-blade

Use for radio controlled airplane models and mount with two-blade propeller.

Colour: Polished ALU
Size: 38mm
13.42€  Inc Tax
Graupner 4mm Gold (Banana) Charging Cable for Deans Connector - 30cm (2965.L)
Graupner 4mm gold (Banana) charging cable for LiPo batteries with Deans (T-plug) connector - 300mm

4mm Gold Connectors (male) and Deans/T-plug connector (male)

Use this adaptor cable for charging the batteries for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models.

4.88€  Inc Tax
Graupner Receiver Battery Pack (4 AA) 4NH-2600mAh 4.8V NiMh (JST connector) (2495.4BEC)
Graupner Receiver Battery Pack 4NH-2600mAh 4.8V NiMh with JST connector

7.93€  Inc Tax
Graupner Remote Glow Plug Clip with Short Neck (GR1669)
Graupner Remote Glow Plug Clip/Connector with short neck

Spring loaded glow plug clip
Length: 75mm

5.49€  Inc Tax
Graupner Servo Cable Flat 0.25mm2 - 10m (GR3047)
Graupner flat cable, three-core with PVC insulation

Conductor cross-section 0.25 mm2
External dimensions 1.5x4.8 mm
Max. 48 V, 5A.

Package: 10 meters

Flat extension lead / cable without connectors.

Use for radio controlled (RC) model airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other applications.

10.98€  Inc Tax
G6 mm Gold Connectors (2 pair) (GR2968.2)
High current gold-plated connector G6 mm with segmented elastic pin

Packing: male (2 pcs), female (2 pcs)

5.49€  Inc Tax
XT90 gold-plated connectors (10 pcs) - male (GRS8391)
Two-pin power connector with gold-plated contacts

Packaging: XT90 male conncectors / 10 pieces

Use this connectors for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models

12.81€  Inc Tax
XT60 gold-plated connectors (10 pcs) - female (GR2969.D35)
Two-pin power connector with gold-plated contacts

Packaging: 10 pcs

Use this connectors for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models

10.98€  Inc Tax
XT60 gold-plated connectors (10 pcs) - male (GR2970.D35)
Two-pin power connector with gold-plated contacts

Packaging: 10 pcs

Use this connectors for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, cars, trucks, buggies, boats and other models

8.54€  Inc Tax
XT30 gold-plated connectors (10 pcs) - male (GR2961.XT30S)
Two-pin power connector with gold-plated contacts with max. load capacity of 30A.

For cables with a cross-section of max. 0.8 mm2 (18 AWG)
Transition resistance 0.65 mOhm, max. 500V

Packaging: 10 pcs

10.98€  Inc Tax
Graupner Fuel Line Clamp 4mm (3 pcs.) (1123.4)
Graupner Fuel Line Clamp

Size: 4mm (3 pcs.)

Use with Neoprene/Silicone or Tygon fuel line/hose for radio controlled model engines.

1.83€  Inc Tax
Graupner OTG Cable (micro USB - micro USB) 0.5m (GR33002.OTG0M5)
With the Graupner Micro-USB OTG cable you can connect and transfer data between any compatible Android Smartphone when using the Graupner HoTT viewer (available on Google Play store).

The cable connects the mz-12 PRO, mz-16, mz-32, mc-26 and mc-28 radios to the Android Smartphone without the need for a Bluetooth device.

This cable is an excellent addition when using the Smartphone holder to connect the phone and radio.

Use this accessory for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, helicopters, drones and other models.

7.32€  Inc Tax
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