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Tire super glue low viscosity 20g (650044)
Tire adhesive for universal use

The low-viscosity tire adhesive bonds together almost all materials. The adhesive can be dosed precisely and has a quick initial tack. The optimal curing is achieved at room temperature with a relative humidity of approx. 65% under slight contact pressure. With rubber the glue point is hand-tight after about 3-5 seconds, with aluminum after 5-10 seconds. The adhesive reaches its final strength after 24 hours. Due to the transparent hardening the glue point is almost invisible. Gaps of up to 0.05 mm are filled and bridged by the capillary action.
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Superglue for polystyrene (Styro Glue) - medium viscosity (650084)
Superglue for Polystyrene (Styro Glue)

This medium-viscosity superglue is based on 2-methoxyethyl-2-cyanoacrylate and is suitable for all rigid modeling foams such as Styrofoam, Styrodur, Arcel, Elapor, Solidpor, Hypodur, Z-Foam, Depron, Selitron, EPO, EPP or EPS. It is odorless, leaves no white edges when it cures and quickly achieves high strength. It remains flexible and almost invisible thanks to its transparent adhesive points.

Product features

remains flexible
not affecting electronic components

Its application

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Superglue Low, Medium, High viscosity (20g each) + Activator 200ml (650070)
Superglue Low, Medium and High viscosity (20g each)

The superglue can be used with almost all materials. It comes with precision dosing applicators. When cured it is almost invisible. Due to its composition, the adhesive is not suitable for modeling rigid foams such as Styrofoam, Styrodur, Arcel, Elapor, Solidpor, Hypodur, Z-Foam, Depron, Selitron, EPO, EPP or EPS, as it may affect their structure. This superglue can be used with all commercially available activators (curing accelerators) in liquid form or with aerosols.

Activator for Superglue 200ml

Curing accelerator for all cyanoacrylate based super glues. The aerosol from the spray was designed for the rapid curing of large layers of adhesive, for gluing inactive materials or use under the other unfavourable processing conditions, such as in dry air or cold. The activator can be used with Styrofoam and Styrodur, and also with all rigid foams used in model making, such as Arcel, Elapor, Solidpor, Hypodur, Z-Foam, Depron, Selitron, EPO, EPP and EPS.
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Remover for superglue (650045)
Dissolves superglue

Superglue remover removes adhesive residues from upholstery, plastics and many other materials.

A material test is recommended before its use.
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Silicate Filler for Superglue 20g (650014)
Fine crystalline filler (silicate)

Silicate filler is a fine crystalline granulate for filling holes, joints and gaps in connection with super glue based on cyanoacrylate. It is universally suitable for most materials and it is easy to process. It is waterproof, can be sanded, painted and is temperature and chemical resistant. Typical areas of application are all fine and coarse-pored breaks as well as chips on metal, wood, porcelain, ceramics, plastic, rubber and similar materials. The filling material is not suitable for paper, polystyrene, teflon, polyethylene and polypropylene.
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