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Nitro Starter KIT (EU) (B7002)
Nitro Starter KIT with EU Charger
21.96€  Inc Tax
Nitro Starter Box 2x550 Motor (1/8 - 1/10 Scale) (B7016)
BSD Racing Starter Box 2x550 Motor

The power ports on the side can be used for charging or powering other accessories.

Dual Motor Power:
Two powerful motors provide ample power for starting even the largest displacement car engines and can be arranged in two different configurations to facilitate different engine orientations.

Adjustable switch timing:
The switching mechanism can be adjusted to start the internal motors turning before the main wheel get in contact with the engine flywheel.

Two Power Options:
Starter Box can be powered using two 7.2V 6-cell Sub C stick packs or by 12V Pb battery.

Batteries are not included.

59.78€  Inc Tax
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