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Align 450 DFC CCPM Metal Swashplate (blue) (H45H007XNT)
for T-REX 450 DFC / 450L


• Designed specifically for DFC rotorhead system, improving DFC connecting rod is strength and minimizing linkage detachment during extreme flight maneuvers
• 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed

1x CCPM metal swashplate set
4x Linkage ball A (M2x2.5) (4.75x7.18mm)
1x Long linkage ball (M2x2.5) (4.75x19.68mm)
2x Linkage ball G (M2x2.5) (4.75x11.18mm)
1x Long linkage ball A (M2x2.5) (4.75x23.68mm)

21.96€  Inc Tax
Align 450 Tail Rotor Hub (H45T003XXT)
for T-REX 450 Series

Use with:
• 450 Metal Tail Rotor Holder H45T002XXT

• 6061-T6 Aluminum alloy material and CNC processed
• Weight: 6.01g

2x 450 Tail rotor hub
2x Washer (2x4.8x0.6mm)
2x Washer (3x4.8x0.3mm)
2x M3 set screw (M3x3mm)
2x Socket collar screw (M2x6mm)

6.71€  Inc Tax
Align 450L Tail Linkage Rod (H45T004XXT)
for T-REX 450L

Use with:
• 450L Torque Tube incl. Tail Boom H45T005XXT

1x 450L Rudder control (1.3x375mm)
2x Ball link
2x Tail control guide

4.27€  Inc Tax
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