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Blade Nano S2 - BNF (BLH1380)

The best micro RC collective pitch helicopter gets even better! Like the Nano CP S model before it, the Blade® Nano S2 heli lays a path to 3D aerobatic expertise that's paved for success — with new features, including a redeveloped stabilizing system, that make challenging maneuvers such as flips and inverted flight easy for pilots at all skill levels to master.
Blade developers first brought SAFE® stabilizing technology to the Nano heli platform with the Nano CP S. If pilots felt disoriented, all they needed to do was press the Panic Recovery button. SAFE technology immediately came to the rescue, locking the model in a perfectly level attitude.

Now the Nano S2 micro introduces more innovations for even greater stability and confidence-building control. The custom-tuned AS3X® system at the heart of its SAFE technology has been improved. So has the performance of the SAFE Angle Demand and Panic Recovery features. New to the Nano platform, SAFE Z Altitude Control uses the heli's on-board accelerometer to maintain a consistent altitude. And the new flight controller has been mounted vertically to improve damping and remove vibration to the gyro.

As a result, the Nano S2 is easier to control than ever, and the performance is dazzling. Like the previous Blade Nano models, this one is full of aerobatic tricks. Its collective pitch design accommodates everything from gentle hovering to daring, advanced maneuvers. Strong coreless motors and a 45C LiPo flight battery produce capable power for 3D flight. Linear servos deliver the muscle for impressive control authority.

Construction with super-resilient polymers along with a carbon-fiber main shaft and tail boom give the model's lightweight airframe amazing durability. Most impacts that occur while practicing 3D maneuvers cause no harm. If you do happen to need a repair, nearly all of the parts from the Nano CP S are compatible with the new Nano S2.

Key Features
The Blade® Nano CP S heli features exclusive SAFE (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelope) technology, the revolutionary electronic flight protection system that enables anyone to fly with confidence. With SAFE technology's versatile flight mode system, you can choose the right amount of assistance with the flip of a switch.

Three Flight Modes
Stability - Z mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit as well as software dampened pitch control.
Stability mode: Limited flight envelope with self-leveling and a low bank angle limit.
Agility mode: Full control authority with no bank angle limit.

Panic Recovery Mode

Instantly recovers the heli to a level altitude to prevent crashes. If you lose orientation, just press the Panic Recovery button and you'll recover to a level attitude.


SAFE Z Altitude Control helps keep the heli at a consistent altitude via accelerometer programming.

Collective Pitch

Provides limitless flight capabilities


Virtually indestructible! Great for learning advanced maneuvers with confidence.

Additional Features

Powerful - Powerful coreless motors allow for advanced 3D maneuvers.
Light Weight - Low disc loading for advanced aerobatics.
Linear Servos - Provide faster response and better holding torque over normal rotary servos.
45C LiPo Battery - High power output for limitless aerobatics.
USB Charger - Provides charge-anywhere convenience.

Needed to Complete
Compatible DSMX®/DSM2® transmitter

What's in the Box?

(1) Factory-assembled Nano S2 micro helicopter
(1) Factory-installed Spektrum 2.4GHz DSMX receiver
(1) 150mAh 1S LiPo battery
(1) USB LiPo battery charger
(1) Product Manual

99.43€  Cena z DDV
470L Tail Rotor Holder (H47T006XXT)
• Use for T-REX 300X / 450 / 470L

• When using with 450 use Tail Pitch Assembly (HS1304B)
• When using with 470L use Tail Pitch Control Link (H47T022XXT)

• 1x 470 Metal Tail Rotor Holder
• 1x Screw
• 2x MR74ZZ-d35 C2 Bearing (3.5x7x2.5mm)
• 2x MR63ZZ C2 Bearing (3x6x2.5mm)
• 2x Thrust Bearing F3-6M (3x6x2.8mm)
• 2x Washer (3x4.8x0.3mm)
• 2x Washer (2x4.8x0.6mm)
• 2x Socket Collar Screw (M2x6mm)
• 2x Screw (M2x6.5mm)
• 2x Socket collar screw (M2x9mm)

17.69€  Cena z DDV
Align 450 DFC M2 Socket Collar Screw (H45185)
for T-REX 300X and 450 with DFC

4x Socket collar screw (M2x15mm)
4x Washer (2x3.6x0.2mm)

4.27€  Cena z DDV
Align 450 Slant Thread Main Drive Gear, M0.6 / 121T (H45156QA)
for T-REX 450 Series

• New style high strength 121 tooth Mod 0.6 helical main hear for 450 size helis. The increase gear pitch can withstand higher power, at the same time minimize operational noise. A great upgrade to withstand the modern high power system.
• Utilizes high strength polymer plastic with excellent rigidity and flexibility characteristics.
• Patented unique built in fan design to create induced air flow, effectively cooling electronics and motor.

• Gear ratio: 1:10.08
• Weight: 35.3g

3x CNC Slant Thread Main drive gear, M0.6, 121T

6.10€  Cena z DDV
Syma S5 SPEED 3 Ch. Helicopter RTF (white) (SYS5)
Syma S5 SPEED RTF (ready to fly) Helicopter 

GYRO System:
Gyroscope system can constantly adjust the aircraft Various spin phenomena in flight; helicopter is more stable in flight and easier to operate.

Colorful flashing light, nice feature when flying at night.

Helicopter will power-off automatically when rotor is chocked.

RC Helicopter
Remote Control (batteries not included)
Operating Instructions
Tail blade

26.84€  Cena z DDV
360 mm/5/3mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R20360FBL)

Weight: 40g
Width: 43mm
Length: 360mm
Root: 5mm
Hole: 3mm

46.97€  Cena z DDV
550 mm/12/4mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R30550FBL)

Weight: 115g
Width: 54mm
Length: 550mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 4mm

75.03€  Cena z DDV
60cm/12/4mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R50600FBL)

Weight: 125g
Width: 54mm
Length: 600mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 4mm

80.52€  Cena z DDV
620 mm/12/4mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R50620FBL)

Weight: 130g
Width: 54mm
Length: 620mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 4mm

80.52€  Cena z DDV
650 mm/12/5mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R55650FBL)

Weight: 175g
Width: 64mm
Length: 650mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 5mm

Use with Goblin Nitro and others,..

93.33€  Cena z DDV
690 mm/12/5mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R90690FBL)

Weight: 185g
Width: 64mm
Length: 690mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 5mm

93.33€  Cena z DDV
700 mm/12/5mm Rapid FBL - MS Composit CFC main blades (MS-R90700FBL)

Weight: 190g
Width: 64mm
Length: 700mm
Root: 12mm
Hole: 5mm

93.33€  Cena z DDV
MS Composit Bushing insert for 4mm bolts (4x5x12) - 2 pcs. (MS-00013)
MS Composit Bushing inserts for 4mm bolts (4x5x12) - 2 pieces

Use with MS Composit Rapid FBL carbon rotor blades when using 4mm bolts

3.05€  Cena z DDV
MS Composit CFC tail blades 95mm /5/3mm (MS-700105)
CFC Tail Blades 95 mm/5/3

MS Composit manufactures a broad line of carbon composite tail rotor blades.
The tail rotor blades manufacturing technology is derived from the main rotor blades, and ensures high blade performance in all situations.
All MS Composits tail rotor blades are dynamically balanced and tested for overload. The security factor (blade dynamic overload) is 2.1 for all types of tail blades.

Technical specifications:
Length: 95 mm
Blade type: Standard
Root: 5 mm
Bolt: 3 mm
Profile: Symmetrical
Weight: 3 g

Suitable for (RC) radio controlled helicopters and other models.

23.79€  Cena z DDV
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