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Kyosho Focke Wulf FW190A SQS 50 ARF - Skoraj Gotov Kit (K.11873)

The airplane that secured German control over Europe’s skies in the mid part of WWII
recreated in fine detail as a 50-size balsa airplane model

From its entry into battle in 1941, the Focke-Wulf Fw190 joined the Messerschmitt Bf109 as the German Luftwaffe’s main attacking force in Europe. In order to respond to diversifying tactical needs, the Fw190 underwent repeated modifications and re-equipment with 509 “A3” airplanes built between 1941 and 1943. This version still enjoys popularity amongst model airplane enthusiasts and Kyosho is proud to add the Focke-Wulf Fw190A3 to the SQS Warbird Series lineup. Combining scale form with excellent flight performance, the advanced balsa rib construction of the fuselage, main and tail wings realizes lightweight and superior durability. Wrinkle and sag-resistant Toughlon camouflage print covering recreates an exquisitely beautiful finish that cannot be matched by layered wrapping of monochromatic film. Also, Kyosho’s Focke-Wulf Fw190A3 is fully equipped with features such as split flaps and oleo strut retractable undercarriage that produces flight performance reminiscent of the original aircraft while delivering effective lift and speed control during takeoff and landing. An ideal step up for intermediate airplane flyers, advanced R/C airplane flyers will also appreciate the scale feel and flight of this lightweight 50-class model.

●ARF kit featuring rigid, lightweight balsa rib constructed fuselage, main and tail wings.
●Handy 50-class engine delivers realistic scale feel.
●Includes retractable undercarriage incorporating coil spring suspension as standard.
●Equipped with split flaps that are especially effective during takeoff and landing.
●Sag-resistant Toughlon covering features exquisite camouflage color print finish.
●Pre-installed pilot figure and stereolithographic instrument panel.
●Includes fuel tank, silicone tubes, special scale spinner and linkage parts set.

■Length 1130mm
■Width 1400mm
■Weight 3,200g (approx.) with 4st 56 engine installed
■Engine 2cycle 46~55、4cycle 56~62(sold separately)
■Wing Area 32.8dm2
■Wing Load 97.6g/dm2 (approx.)
■Wing Type Original semi-symmetrical
■R/C System 6ch, 8servo(sold separately)
■Propeller D11×P6~D13×P7(sold separately)
■Fuell 290cc

ARF Kit Contents

●Pre-assembled fuselage covered in printed film
●Linkage parts set
●Engine mount
●Motor mount (use when changing to electric version)
●Fuel tank
●Silicone tubes
●Special scale spinner

Required for operation

●6 channel R/C system for aircraft (7 servos + 1 servo for retracts)
●Batteries for transmitter and receiver
●2-cycle 46-55, 4-cycle 56-62 engine for aircraft
●Glow fuel for aircraft
●Engine starting equipment (plug heater, starter, starter battery, battery charger)
●D11xP6 – D13xP7 propeller
●2 x Y-extension cords for aileron and flap servos
●2 x aileron servo extension cords
●1 extension cord each for aileron, flaps and retract servo (total 3)
●Nylon straps
●Sponge sheet
●Center of gravity adjustment weights

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Kyosho Calmato Alpha 40 SPORTS - Toughlon (Bencin/Elektro) - RDEČ (K.11257RB)
Ideal performer for low wing beginners to stunt training!
Designed for compatibility with both GP and EP flight!

When its time to graduate from a beginner trainer, the next step could be this stylish low wing sports plane. The option of either EP or GP in the CALMATO ALPHA 40 Sports allows you to choose your preferred power source. Both embody the definitive stability of the CALMATO series with optimal maneuverability allowing low wing airplane beginners to fly stunts like loops and rolls. In addition, this kit is factory assembled and expertly pre-covered in quality film with printed coloring and Kyosho’s comprehensive design and construction ensures no gluing is required. The main wing halves are joined with an aluminum pin and can be separated for compact and easy transport. Motor mount, engine mount, tires, spinner and linkage parts are all included. Only a few separate items are needed to get airborne so it’s easy to enjoy the sporty flight performance of this conveniently priced low wing airplane.

Technical Data:

■Length : 1,300mm
■Width: 1,600mm
■Weight : (EP) 2,650g (GP) 2,550g
■Motor(EP): 600-1000W class backplate mounted outrunner brushless (sold separately)
■Engine (GP): 2-cycle 40-46 class (sold separately)
■Battery (EP): 14.8V 4,000-5,000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
■Wing Area: 44dm2
■Wing Load : 57.9-62.0g/dm2
■Wing Type : Original semi-symmetrical
■Propeller : D11xP7-D12xP8 (sold separately)

Required for operation:
●4ch, 4servo+ESC(EP) or 5 servo(GP) RC system for airplane
●600-1000W backplate mounted outrunner brushless motor(EP)
●2 cycle 40-46 engine(GP)
●D11xP7-D12xP8 propeller(EP/GP)
●100mm Y extension cord x 1 or aileron(EP/GP)
●200mm extension cord x 2 for aileron
●14.8V 4,000-5,000mAh Li-Po battery (Max Dimension: L150xW48xH58mm)(EP)
●Battery charger with Li-PO balance charging feature(EP)
●Fuel, engine starting tool(GP)
●Battery for receiver(EP/GP)
: If the battery cannot use the ESC BEC power, a separate Rx battery unit is required.(EP)
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Pilot-RC Laser 73" (1850mm) - white/red/black (4ST1973L-WB)
Pilot-RC Laser - radio controlled 3D airplane model (white, red and black paint scheme)

It has arrived! The 30cc version of Pilot-RC rule changing Laser 73" (1850mm)!

Fully designed from the ground up for out and out performance, keeping in line with current demand for faster, more aggressive and more agile models, while still keeping the well known great flying characteristics of Pilot-RC models.

Check the videos in our Video tab to see this model in action to fully understand its capability. Its not a question if the plane is quick enough, its whether you can keep up with it!

Model: Laser
Wingspan: 1.850mm (73″)
Length: 1.760mm
Weight: 5.2kg

NEW! Hybrid construction from wood and composite materials for specially reinforced fuselage and wings.
NEW! Patented quick assembly system for wings.
NEW! Patented quick assembly system for canopy. Especially useful for electric version, fast battery change!
Genuine German Oracover (Ultracote) covering
Highly prefabricated, experienced builders can have it air ready in under a day
Pre-installed hinges (glued and pinned)
Easy canister installation due to open construction
Removable wings
Laser engraved motor mounting position
Pull-Pull system for Rudder servo
Cowl fits both gasoline and electric motors
Can use single elevator servo, or choose to split the elevator half and use two separate servos.
Designed for both single cylinder and twin cylinder engines!

Included hardware:
Complete air frame with all basic accessories (such as carbon fibre main undercarriage, tail-gear assembly and wing-tubes as well as fiberglass control horns and wheel pants)
Pre-installed hinges and pre-mounted canopy
Fuel tank and fuel tubing pre-installed, fuel dot and breather valve
Wheels, axels and wheel pants
Pre-prepared pull-pull wires and pushrods with ball links
Matching carbon spinner

Required hardware:
Motor: 30-40cc or equivalent electric (Recomended O.S. Engines Gasoline Engine GT33)

Servos: 4 or 5 high torque (minimum 20kg) plus throttle servo
(uses x1 per aileron, x1 or x2 (optional) for the elevator and x1 on rudder)

Also requires all the usual accessories such as transmitter, receiver, propeller, batteries, extension leads and possibly other small accessories.

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Graupner Ski Set (for Husky 1800S) (13410.43)
Graupner Ski Set for Husky 1800S

Can be used on a similar sized radio controlled model airplanes with approx. 1800mm wingspan.

Length: 330mm
Width: 65mm
Height: 40mm
Weight: 330g

(only ski set, RC model airplane not included)

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Kyosho Calmato Alpha 60 SPORTS - (EP/GP) red (K.11238RB)
Kyosho Calmato Alpha 60 SPORTS - (Electric /Gas Powered) radio controlled airplane/trainer

Big airplane fits neatly into back of your car!
Separable fuselage and main wing make it easy to transport.
Choose between EP and GP versions.
Ideal introduction to real low wing flight.

Generally speaking, the larger an airplane is the more stable it flies through the air and therefore the easier it is for beginners to fly. However, the constraints of available flying space and transportation meant the choice of large airplanes for beginners was limited. With the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports, the steady flight of a large 60-class airplane provides an ideal introduction to low wing flight. In addition, the unique separable fuselage structure with removable tail plane and detachable main wing halves make transporting this airplane easy and convenient. The fuselage and main wing are easily separated and reassembled through an aluminum pipe that provides a simple yet high-precision structure with exceptional strength and rigidity. This produces reliability in control response for ideal stunt technique training for loops and rolls etc. For a large airplane the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports condenses down so neatly it can be stored in the trunk of a compact car with room to spare, even with the full set of equipment included. Employing a symmetrical airfoil, the large wing area combines with its light wing load to produce superior lift, which combines with the direct linear response to steering input of a large airplane to provide a superior introduction to low wing airplane flight. In addition, the choice of flying electric or gas engine is left with the owner and parts for both power trains are included. This ARF kit includes a fully factory assembled fuselage that is expertly covered in printed film and finished with detailed graphics as well as pilot figure and canopy. Motor mount, cowling for electric motor version, engine mount and silicone tubes, fuel tank, tires and linkage parts are all included and the high-precision construction can be completed in a short time with no gluing required. To experience the best of big scale flight with the flier-friendly characteristics of a 60-class, the Calmato Alpha 60 Sports is the ultimate choice.

Technical data
Length: 1600mm
Width: 1800mm
Weight : (EP) 3900g (GP) 3700g
Motor(EP): 800-1200W class backplate mounted outrunner brushless (sold separately)
Engine (GP): 2-cycle 60-65 class (sold separately)
Battery (EP): 14.8V 5000mAh Li-Po (sold separately)
Wing Area: 60.6dm2
Wing Load : 61.0-64.3g/dm2
Wing Type : Original semi-symmetrical
Propeller : D12xP6-D14xP8 (sold separately)

Required for operation
4ch (minimum), 5 servo + ESC(EP) or 6 servo(GP) RC system for airplane
800-1200W backplate mounted outrunner brushless motor (EP)
2 cycle 60-65 engine (GP)
D12xP6-D14xP8 propeller(EP), D12xP6-P8 propeller (GP)
100mm Y extension cord x 2 for aileron (EP/GP)
300mm extension cord x 2 for ailron (EP/GP)
500mm extension cord x 2 for rudder and elevator (EP/GP)
14.8V 4000-5000mAh Li-Po battery (EP)
Battery charger with Li-PO balance charging feature (EP)
Fuel, engine starting tool (GP)
Battery for receiver (EP/GP)
52-70mm spinner (EP/GP)

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Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair 609mm Foam Kit (FT4109)
Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair
Now made with the new Maker Foam the Flite Test Mighty Mini Corsair is an even better plane to get your hands on! The plane is one you have to see for yourself to believe and we couldn't be happier with it!

This little Warbird park flyer is the perfect size to always keep with you in the back seat of your car and is small enough to fly at most medium sized parks. Though this little Corsair doesn't have the 2,000 HP Pratt & Whitney R-2800 radial engine that the original full-scale warbird had, it does use a 2204 sized brushless motor that is commonly found on mini race quads. This gives this little 4 channel plane enough power to climb vertically endlessly and pull off most basic aerobatic maneuvers with ease.

Power Pack Compatibility:
Flite Test Airplanes are all designed around the use of various "Power Packs" which include an inexpensive Motor, ESC, Servo, & accessory package to complete each aircraft! The compatible power pack is listed below.
Power Pack A - Great lower power option for easier control.
Power Pack F - Improved output power for faster speeds and advanced flyers.

Maker Foam Features:
White color is much easier to add a simple trim scheme using stickers or pinstripes
Translucent allowing models to be creatively lit from within
Takes paint or decals extremely well
More durable than previous Flite Test foam products

Weight: 155g (fully assembled; without battery)
Wingspan: 609mm
Center of Gravity: 25mm from leading edge of wing (recommended)
Control Surface Throws: 12 degrees
Expo Suggestions: 30%

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Graupner Su-26 HoTT RC Electro Airplane Model - 410mm (9905.HOTT)
Graupner Su-26 HoTT Radio Controlled (RC) Electro Airplane Model

New Graupner semi-scale model Su-26 HoTT. Equipped with a high-quality GRAUPNER/SJ GR-12S HoTT receiver.
Although the model is very lightweight, it can be operated outdoors. It is very easy to fly.

Equipped with high-quality Graupner GR-12S HoTT receiver
Ready to fly once taken out of the package
Removable main landing gear and tailwheel equipped with soft rubber wheels
Package with charging station and 1S LiPo battery 3.7 V 150 mAh (included)
4 (AA) Mignon dry cell batteries included for the charging station (included)
Detailed operating instructions

Weight: 45 g
Length: 360 mm
Wingspan: 410 mm

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Multiplex Indoor Extra 330SC 850mm (MPX1-00645)
MULTIPLEX Indoor-Extra 330SC red/silver

The Extra 330SC Indoor Edition gives you the perfect entry in to the world of 3D art flying. Designed by Gernot Bruckmann. A "must have" for all EXTRA and 3D fans. It comes in a red/silver livery. The EPP model is very robust and enables you to fly all figures of your imagination.

Color printed EPP parts
CFK supports and small parts inx. wheels
Small parts required for assembly
Detailed instructions.

Model type: Kit
Material: EPP
Wingspan: 850 mm
Weight: 175 g
Steering: Elevator, Alieron, Rudder, Motor
Battery: 2S LiPo
Model type: 3D aerobatics
Product type: RC model aircraft

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