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Hitec Heavy Duty Switch Harness (1HI7432)
Hitec Heavy Duty Switch Harness

4.88€  Inc Tax
Hitec Servo Wing Mount Set (HS-80/81/82) (1HI7165)
Hitec Servo Wing Mount Set (HS-80/81/82)

Product Description
This is a universal mount designed to accept almost any micro servo. The top of the mount features an aerodynamic fairing designed to streamline airflow around the servo linkage.

Diameter (mm): 50
Thickness (mm): 14
Thickness with the fairing (mm): 28

Use this wing servo mount (servo mounting bracket) for radio controlled (RC) airplanes, gliders, hotliners, and other models.

7.32€  Inc Tax
Hitec DPC-11 Universal Programming Interface (Dongle) (1HI33012)
Hitec DPC-11 PC program interface for all Hitec programmable servos

Dongle for PC Programmer (servo programmer)

15.86€  Inc Tax
Hitec HS-75BB Retract Servo 8.2kg/cm 6V (1HI3025)
Hitec HS-75BB Metal Gear Ball Bearing Retract Servo

Product Description
With its low profile design, strong torque and precision movement, the HS-75BB is a great choice to move your retract gear in a realistic manner that you need. Note, this is a retract or “bang bang” servo and only travels from one end to the other (180 degrees).

Low Profile Design
Durable Nylon Gears
Top Ball Bearings
Strong Torque and Precise Movement
Slow Speed for Realistic Retract Action

Operating Voltage Range (Volts DC): 4.8V ~ 6.0V
Speed (Second @ 60°): 0.45 ~ 0.34
Maximum Torque Range kg/cm: 6.6 ~ 8.2
Current Draw at Idle: 1 mA
No Load Operating Current Draw: 150 mA
Stall Current Draw: 1000 mA
Dead Band Width: 20 µs

Physical Specifications:
Dimensions (mm): 44.0 x 23.0 x 25.0
Weight (g): 35.0
Circuit Type: HT7003 Analog SMT
Motor Type: 3 Pole Metal Brush Ferrite
Gear Material: Nylon
Bearing Type: Top Ball Bearing
Output Shaft (type / Ømm): Standard 24
Case Material: Plastic
Dust/Water Resistance: Splash Proof

Use this retract servo for retracting the landing gear on the radio controlled (RC) airplanes and other models.

29.89€  Inc Tax
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