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O.S. Engines PowerBoost Pipe 55 III (OS72149000) (OS72149000)
O.S. Engines is a leading manufacturer of single- and multi-cylinder model aircraft engines ranging from small two-stroke to "giant-scale" four-stroke radial engines. Japanese model engine manufacturer that produces very affordable and yet easy to use engines which won acclaim for their performance and durability.

O.S. PowerBoost Pipe 55 III (OS72149000)

Tuned muffler system especially designed to match to the new MAX 55HZ and MAX 55HZ-R engines. It can be also used with 50SX-H Hyper helicopter engines. It comes with the new design feature of through mounting holes - muffler is secured with a spring washer and a nut

Polished Aluminum pipe
High performance from hovering to the highest RPM

Length: 281mm
Distance Between Mounting Holes: 37mm
Exhaust Outlet Diameter: 9mm

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