FOXY G3 Brushless Motor C2826-750kv

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FOXY G3 C2826-750

FOXY brushless motors are 14-pole rotary casing electric motors with excellent electrical properties featuring a very sophisticated design and high-end manufacturing. Hardened steel shafts and high-quality bearings ensure a long service life, while the quality of materials used to make the stator on the rotor also guarantees excellent performance at a high efficiency. They are low-speed, high-torque engines that handle large diameter propellers and pitches without the need for gearboxes.

Engine marking system: CxxYY / zzzz
C - brushless motor ("outrunner", "circular")
xx - stator diameter in mm
YY - stator length in mm
zzzz - revolutions per volt (rpm/V), "KV"

The engine set includes:
FOXY G3 C2826-750 brushless motor with 3.5mm gold-plated connectors, rear and front mounting kit and an instruction manual.

Engine Mounting:
The FOXY G3 C2826-750 is designed for both front and rear mounting. For front mounting at the front of the motor use at least two (opposite) or four bolts. The rear mounting kit (mounting cross, tail propeller) is also supplied with the engine.

The marking according to the engine dimensions: C3548; The marking according to the stator dimensions: C2826

No. of (LiXX) cells: 3-5
Motor Kv: 750 rpm/V
Max power (30s/5S Lipo): 580W
No-load current (3S): 2.1A
Max peak current (30s): 42A
Diameter: 35mm
Length: 50.7mm
Shaft diameter: 5mm
Weight: 172g
Magnet poles: 14
Motor timing: 15-25deg
Regulator: 50-60A

Gliders up to: 2700g
Trainers up to: 2600g
Acro planes up to: 2300g
3D airplanes up to: 1500g

Recommended propellers:
4S: 13X6,5”
5S: 11X6”

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  • Model: 3BL2700
  • Manufacturer: Foxy