O.S. Engines MAX-35AX (OS13100)

189.71€  Inc Tax
O.S. Engines is a leading manufacturer of single- and multi-cylinder model aircraft engines ranging from small two-stroke to "giant-scale" four-stroke radial engines. Japanese model engine manufacturer that produces very affordable and yet easy to use engines which won acclaim for their performance and durability.

Standard accessories:
Glow Plug No.8
E-3080 Silencer Assembly
Needle Valve Extension Cable Set

Displacement: 5.77cc
Bore: 20.2mm
Stroke: 18.0mm
Output: 1.3ps / 1.28hp / 16000 rpm
Practical rpm range: 2500-17000 rpm
Weight: 280g (engine)

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  • Model: OS13100
  • Manufacturer: O.S. Engine