O.S. Engines MAX-11AX (OS1AD02)

398.94€  Inc Tax
This engine is designed and made in commemoration of our 80th anniversary. Cylinder head, crankcase carburetor and all the internal parts are fully machined without sacrificing easy start and easy operation, which O.S.is proud of.

Standard accessories:
Glow Plug No.8
871A Silencer Assembly
Head Gasket(0.2mm)
Spinner fastening bar

Displacement: 1.79cc
Bore: 13.44mm
Stroke: 12.65mm
Output: 0.31ps / 0.31hp / 18000 rpm
Practical rpm range: 2500-18000 rpm
Weight: 157.8g (engine) / 38.5g (silencer)

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  • Model: OS1AD02
  • Manufacturer: O.S. Engine