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Kyosho Inferno NEO ST 3.0 1:8 RC Nitro READYSET (K.33016B)

Feel the impulse for full throttle of the high-torque engine and experience stadium truck power and stability.

With 8 World Championship titles, the INFERNO is recognized as Kyosho’s flagship model. The updated 1/8 scale INFERNO NEO ST Race Spec 3.0 brings the dynamic racing potential of INFERNO performance DNA to stadium truck racing. Mounted with the user-friendly KE25SP engine fitted with recoil starter, optimal balance of speed and handling is realized through Big Bore oil shocks and unique block pattern tires that dominate on any type of surface, including race circuits. With its racing chassis base, durability and reliability combine with wide scope of setting options and compatibility with performance-enhancing optional parts so you can tune your truck into a dynamic high-performance machine! With this Readyset package, the thrilling world of engine-powered off-road trucking is easy for everyone to enjoy.

  • Readyset includes Inferno based shaft drive 4WD chassis with latest radio system layout and completed body.
  • KE25SP engine is matched with premium polished muffler and manifold.
  • Maintenance-friendly chassis construction has removed the use of E-rings.
  • Front-Center-Rear gear differentials provide optimal power transfer to all four wheels.
  • Universal swing shafts equipped on front minimize drive loss and increase crash resistance.
  • Equipped with stabilizer bars on front and rear to control chassis roll through corners.
  • High-degree of compatibility with parts used in the highest spec Inferno ST RR Evo.2 model.
  • Compatible with Inferno series optional parts to unlock even more performance from your machine.

Kit Contents 

  • Fully assembled chassis complete with RC linkages
  • Pre-cut body finished with printed color scheme
  • 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
  • 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0mm hex wrenches
  • Cross wrench (large)
  • 17mm wheel wrench

Required for operation 

  • Glow fuel
  • 8 x AA-size alkaline batteries for receiver and transmitter
  • Engine starting tools (fuel bottle, plug heater)

Technical data

  • Length : 550mm
  • Width : 427mm  
  • Height : 225mm  
  • Ground Clearance : 40mm
  • Wheelbase : 355mm
  • Tread (F/R) : 289mm / 289mm  
  • Tire(F/R) :Φ148×66mm / Φ143×66mm  
  • Gear Ratio :14.6:1 
  • Weight : 3,750g approx.
  • Motor : KE25SP
  • Transmitter 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+
488.00€  Inc Tax
Kyosho FO-XX VE 1:8 RC 4WD READY SET EP (K.34255B)

Monster truck power upgraded from awesome to epic!
5-link suspension is a match for any terrain

Robust body incorporating a hybrid monocoque and pipe frame structure with brushless power system makes the 1/8 scale FO-XX VE 2.0 monster truck one tough mudder. This upgraded model earns the ‘2.0’ in its name with a new 5-link suspension system. Upper and lower link ball joints and lateral rod to regulate lateral movement combine to produce deeper and more flexible suspension stroke for superior rock crawler feedback. The dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 makes full use of the 2000KV KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE TORX 8 brushless motor on any surface, from rough roads to tarmac. In addition to the brushless motor, the speed controller, transmitter, receiver, wheels and tires have all been redesigned to improve on previous models to deliver superior control and handling. Open the throttle in open space and let the FO-XX VE 2.0 show you what power and performance this true R/C machine is capable of. Simply purchase batteries for the transmitter transmitter/receiver and battery for the motor with a charger and this factory-assembled Readyset makes the dynamic performance of the FO-XX VE 2.0 easy for anyone to enjoy.

●Factory assembled Readyset only requires battery for transmitter and chassis plus a battery charger to run.
●KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE brushless system delivers breathtaking power and performance.
●Independent left-right battery boxes suit various size batteries. Suitable for twin packs of 7.2V Ni-MH to 7.4V Li-Po batteries.
●Features same 17mm wheel hubs and nuts as the Inferno series.
●Radio box protects receiver and battery from shocks and dirt.
●Rigid axle on front and rear with robust casing realizes efficient traction transfer.
●Front and rear differentials incorporate steel spiral gears to meet the demands of this high power machine.
●Pre-painted body complete with decals applied combines with resin pipe frame and roof to recreate a realistic form.
●Equipped Syncro KR-331 receiver features failsafe function that stops the machine in the event of radio signal interruption.

Technical datas

■Length 545mm
■Width 383mm
■Height 248mm
■Wheelbase 360mm
■Tread 312mm
■Tires(F & R) φ155 x 70.5mm
■Gear Ratio 8.68:1
■Weight 4,650g (approx.)
■Motor KYOSHO SPEED HOUSE・TORX 8 Brushless Motor


Readyset Contents

●Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
●Pre-cut and painted body complete with decals applied
●2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter
●L shaped hex wrench (1.5mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, 3.0mm)
●Cross wrench (large)
●17mm wheel wrench


Required for Operation

●AA-size batteries x 4 for transmitter
●Battery for chassis x 2 (7.2V Ni-MH or 7.4V Li-Po) ※ Super Plug
●Charger for chassis battery

488.00€  Inc Tax
Kyosho Inferno NEO 3.0 1:8 RC Nitro READY SET - Green T4 (K.33012T4B)
Go anywhere, anytime!

Just add fuel and batteries and let this fully-fledged racing buggy run free

With 8 World Championship titles, the ‘Inferno’ is proud to be KYOSHO’s flagship model. Infused with Inferno DNA, the Inferno NEO 3.0 is ready to race almost as soon as it’s out of the box and brings the Inferno’s glorious performance potential within reach of everyone. While excelling on racing circuits, the NEO 3.0 also runs through rough terrain like a boss with features such as the user-friendly KE21SP engine with recoil pull starter and Big Bore Shocks with the omnipotent KC Cross Tires that deliver an optimal balance of performance and running stability on any surface. Based on the competition-level chassis, the NEO 3.0 promises exceptional reliability and durability plus wide scope for setting adjustments and custom performance upgrades through the huge range of optional parts available for the MP7.5 series. Experiencing the thrill of engine-powered off-road buggy racing has been made easy with the Inferno NEO 3.0!

Just add fuel and batteries to this Readyset and let the engine-powered racing buggy fun begin!
  • Equipped with four-wheel double wishbone suspension.
  • Universal swing shafts are standard on the front drive section and minimize drive loss and improve crash resistance.
  • Gear diffs on center, front and rear ensure optimal driving force is transferred to all four wheels.
  • Double disc brakes provide the stopping power needed for a large racing machine.
  • Sealed mechanical box protects the battery and receiver from crashes, sand and dust.

Technical data
  • Length 469mm
  • Width 307mm
  • Height 189mm
  • Wheelbase 325.5mm
  • Tread (F/R) 258mm/261mm 
  • Tire (F/R) φ116×44mm/φ116×44mm 
  • Gear Ratio 11.56:1 
  • Weight 3,400g (approx.)
  • Engine KE21SP
  • Transmitter 2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+

Readyset Contents
Factory assembled chassis complete with control linkages
Finished body complete with printed color scheme 
2.4GHz Syncro KT-231P+ transmitter 
1.5、2.0、2.5、3.0mm L shaped hex wrenches 
Cross wrench
17mm wheel wrench

Required for Operation
Glow fuel
8 x AA size alkaline batteries for transmitter and receiver
Engine starting tools (fuel bottle, plug heater)

386.74€  Inc Tax
Serpent Cobra Buggy B-GP 1/8 4WD RTR (Ready To Race) with Picco Rebel X .21 Engine (SER600003R21)
Serpent Cobra Buggy B-GP 1/8 4WD RTR (Ready To Race) with Picco Rebel X .21 Engine

Serpent Cobra Buggy RTR GP 1/8 powered by Picco Rebel X .21 engine (Italian manufacturer)

Serpent now offers the Cobra 1/8 scale Buggy also in a Ready To Race version, to make this superb car even more attractive to a broader customer base, so also Hobby racers can now join in for the action. This cool Cobra RTR version includes it all. To top of an already awesome package, Serpent joined forces with Picco from Italy, to include the powerful Monster PICCO Rebel X .21 5-port offroad pullstart engine inside the Cobra !. Top quality components packed in a Ready-to-race package, the best start a Hobby-driver can make. High end racing chassis with top quality parts, impressive DragonRC 2.4 GHz transmitter with nice LCD screen and easy menu, Picco top quality engine with lots of torque and top speed and still easy to start.

Race ready high performance gas powered 1/8 scale buggy.

Expert pre-assembled and pre-set.
Includes powerfull Picco pullstart engine (made in Italy).
4wd with cardan shafts, 3 compact and durable gear diffs, 3-shoe racing clutch, machined aluminium engine mount, central low double brake system, unique angled steering system, 16mm big bore shocks, ballraced anti-roll bars FR and RR, 7075 T6 alu shock tower FR and RR, 3mm heavy duty chassis plate with kick-up, durable suspension and transmission parts, captured suspension pins, the works!!
Dragon-RC pistol type transmitter 2.4 GHz with large LCD screen.
Dragon-RC 10.5kg strong servo’s with metal gears.
Dragon-RC high grip pre mounted race tyres and wheels.
DragonRC polished inline tuned pipe system.
Pre painted and precut Avenger Cobra bodyshell and large nylon rear aero-wing.
Full color user manual and decal set included.
Fully upgradable to full race spec, as all parts of the Cobra race buggy fit.

Needed to complete the car:
- 4 x AA batteries for the transmitter
- Receiver battery NiMh / LiFe / LiPo
- nitro fuel and fuel bottle
- glow plug starter

449.57€  Inc Tax
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